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The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl® collectible statues by KnuckleBonz® are currently in Production, Ships Fall 2023

The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl® collectible statues by KnuckleBonz® are currently in Production, Ships Fall 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 24, 2023:

KnuckleBonz® along with Bravado announced earlier this year its plans to produce the Black Sabbath (Set of 4) figure collectibles from 1975 era in a limited edition. Now the company announces its plans to create additional iconic Black Sabbath collectible statues for the 3D Vinyl® collectibles line. 3D Vinyl® captures the great album art of the last several decades in a fine arts collectible that is hand-cast and uniquely numbered. KnuckleBonz® Limited Edition Statues of The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl collectible statues just dropped.

Pre-Order Now at

These iconic designs are inspired by the haunting beauty of the Witch from the cover of Black Sabbath’s
1970 debut album and the Doomsday Pilot of the 1978 Never Say Die album cover. These designs are
now offered in the 3D Vinyl® series from KnuckleBonz.

The Black Sabbath Collectible Statues are crafted by hand using a fine-arts process where each figure is
hand-painted, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base. These are limited
edition statues, making these highly collectible. “Growing up, I must have spent thousands of hours going over all the details of every Black Sabbath album cover and record sleeve. It’s how we all connected with the band on a daily basis,” says Tony Simerman CEO/Creative Director of KnuckleBonz, Inc. “These images are as important today as ever. So excited to see them come alive in the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Collector Series.”

All work created by the company is officially licensed and approved by the artists and their management. KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz® music collectible series, has been developing iconic, high- quality statues of the legend of rock music since 2003.

The Black Sabbath 3D Vinyl statues sell individually for $164 each or can be purchased as a set (bundle
of 2 statues) for $295 USD for a limited time offer. Each statue ships in a custom package and ships
worldwide. These highly exclusive, limited edition collectibles are now available for pre-order to reserve.
The anticipated ship date is Fall 2023; however, KnuckleBonz will announce a more precise shipping
timeframe later this year. Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for updates.


Press Release
Editorial Contact | Ashley Simerman | KnuckleBonz, Inc. | 800-638-4180 |

KnuckleBonz, Inc. is focused on the creation of high-end collectibles and is committed to fine craftsmanship and the artistry of creating hand-crafted statues for the collector of licensed properties. KnuckleBonz developed the Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl™ and On Tour™ collectible series, a series of limited-edition collectibles specifically created for rock music fans worldwide. KnuckleBonz products are available online at, as well as through international distribution and specialty retail.

About Bravado
Bravado is the leading global provider of consumer, lifestyle and branding services to recording artists and entertainment brands around the world. Part of Universal Music Group, the leader in music-based entertainment, Bravado represents artists in more than 40 countries and provides services including sales, licensing, branding, marketing and e-commerce. Their extensive global distribution network gives artists and brands the opportunity to create deeper connections with their fans through apparel, consumer packaged goods and unique experiences. For more information:


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53 Years Ago, Black Sabbath Changed Us Forever with Their Debut Album

53 years hence, the direction of rock music made a seismic shift with the release of Black Sabbath’s self titled debut album. While their was plenty of heavy music in place at that time, I think we can all agree, this was the big bang for metal.

This 1970 record was so gloomy and doomy, like nothing any of us had ever heard. With Iommi’s amazing riffs, Geezer’s lyrics and thundering bass lines, Bill Wards powerful swing influenced drumming and Ozzy Osbourne immediately spawned as the “Price of Darkness,” it’s still the most seminal moment we can remember in our music Superfandom here at KnuckleBonz. We still get chills when we hear Ozzy’s evil laugh and screams during the title track Black Sabbath. Drop the needle of this today and be taken back to 1970. There was no “flower power, peace and love” in sight for the boys from Birmingham England.

KnuckleBonz® has been hard at work in our 3D Vinyl® Series and very soon we will drop (2) Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statues design for our 3DV Series. Stay tuned here for details Coming Soon!

Do check out our KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue set here for Pre-Order. Production is going well and will wrap up soon. Don’t Miss Out !

Rock Hard Today !

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First Looks – Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue Set – Color Box Designs from KnuckleBonz

First Looks – Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue Set – Color Box Designs from KnuckleBonz®
Pre-Order Black Sabbath Statue set Exclusively at KnuckleBonz Here
The band just approved the box art for their Rock Iconz® designs so thought we would share with you here. This set captures the original Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward from the mid-70s and the Sabotage tour. Each statue is hand cast for Sabbath Superfans world wide.
Production is going well on our Black Sabbath Rock Iconz Set and is on schedule for the spring 20223 release.
There’s some good  video of the band on YouTube from Santa Monica Civic Center 1975 that served as  reference for us to nail these designs. Many of you saw this same footage first in 75′ as part of the Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert Series. Never missed that on Saturday nights…
Lots more Black Sabbath collectibles from KnuckleBonz are in sculpting for release in 2023. We will bring The Witch from the debut album and the Never Say Die Pilot for the 3D Vinyl® Series, can wait to roll those out to out.
Rock Hard!
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Black Sabbath Joins the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series with Iron Man Lager

Black Sabbath Joins the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series with Iron Man Lager….“NOW THE TIME IS HERE FOR IRON MAN TO SPREAD FEAR.”

Pre-Sale starts today Order Here…

This is a Mx style lager that will be a great holiday libation for any Black Sabbath SuperFan. The label art is in the classic Sabbath purple with a graphic treatment of a classic band photo of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. This is from the Paranoid album era when things really began to change for the band with radio play of the single Paranoid. 

Iron Man Lager, the first ever officially sanctioned Black Sabbath beer has traveled through time to save mankind from bland and flavorless beer.  Produced by @knucklebonz in coordination with @blacksabbath and brewed by @decadentales. Available exclusively at Half Time!

Brewed with filtered water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, Iron Man Lager is a rich, full-flavored lager beer brewed with premium barley malt that gives it a slightly sweet, well-balanced taste with a light hops character and crisp finish

This is the first in many beers for Black Sabbath in the Series. KnuckleBonz has signed a multi-year agreement with the band to bring fans all the cool heavy metal themes and matching beer tastes that can be imagined.

Also check out the Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue set from KnuckleBonz. The band is sculpted in the Sabotage era circa 1975. Don’t miss out on this limited edtion….No FoMO. PRE ORDER Black Sabbath KnuckleBonz Statue Here.

Rock Hard !


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KnuckleBonz punches a “Hole in the Sky” w/ new Black Sabbath Statue Set

KnuckleBonz punches a “Hole in the Sky” w/ new Black Sabbath Statue Set.

Such and exciting day here at KnuckleBonz as we roll out our Black Sabbath Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue Set.  We have hand-cast and detailed the entire original band from circa 1975.

When we put the first castings of the Sabbath statues on our lighted stage for the promo video shoot last week, we all got chills. Looking thru the preview monitor if was like watching Black Sabbath live in 1975 on Don Kirshers’s Rock Concert. If you were there for that era of rock music, you had to tune in to  ABC “In Concert” or Don Kirshner’s “Rock Concert” for the chance to see anything live other than going to a show.

The entire original Black Sabbath lineup of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward have all been hand cast and detailed in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz style. Each statue stands approximately 9 inches tall. All ship in their own color packing in early 2023.

“Due to the sheer magnitude and importance of Black Sabbath, these figures will only be sold together as a complete set.”

Pre Order the KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath Limited Edition Rock Iconz Statue set here.

Rock Hard!

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Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath Star Crossed on Sept 18th, 1970

September 18th 1970 is a one of the most star-crossed days in rock music history. On this day, the original wave of guitar heroes crashed with the death of Jimi Hendrix; although many would argue Hendrix was a tsunami on his own. Sept 18th 1970 also marked the advent of what we now know as “metal” with the release of the seminal Black Sabbath record Paranoid.

By all accounts, Jimi Hendrix was at a transitional point in 1970, living in London with some sincere doubt about the recording industry and where he wanted to take his career. While there have always been questions and doubts, there has never been any information to say Jimi’s death was anything but a tragic mistake with sleep medication.

We recognize Paranoid was the 2nd record for “Brummies” Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, but the tracks on the record speak for themselves. After this release, Sabbath shifted gears and begin to tour worldwide as a headliner, and enjoying their only real radio play from that era with the single Paranoid. Drop the needle on that record now, it immediately transports you to an amazing time in music, but it also holds up so well. Any band would give body parts to have their name on that album today.

We currently have 2 different KnuckleBonz Jimi Hendrix Ltd. Editions Statues that are still available to our website. Check out Hendrix from the Hear That Train a Comin’ and Woodstock eras here.

Later this fall we will announce our 1st ever Black Sabbath KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Statue set taking you back to circa 1975. Stay tuned here on official socials media for pre-sale information.

Rock Hard…