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21 Years of KnuckleBonz Enters the Metaverse


For many years now, fans have asked if there is a place where we can see all the things KnuckleBonz has created? Sadly, the answer had been no. We of course do have our physical archive of all our statue color masters and production pieces dating back to our beginnings in 2003, but nothing we could share in any way with you music SuperFans.


In a nano-second, that has all changed with the launch of our new 3D digital world KnuckleBonz Metaverse Music Experience. In this new PC App, experience our entire history in a high-resolution 3D Metaverse Museum setting that displays all our work in killer detail just like our physical products. Check out things like our original concept drawings we created for Delores Rhoads to set up our first Randy Rhoads statue production from the Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz Tour. Or, stand in front of rare never before seen work in progress photos of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or the RUSH Starman. It was an emotional journey putting all this together…so psyched to share this with all of you that have collected our work all these years.


Now, you are probably asking, does this mean KnuckleBonz is entering the Metaverse and will be creating digital collectibles to launch beside their physical productions?…The simple answer is YES. Stay tuned on that…


Our KnuckleBonz Metaverse Music Experience Digital App for PC is now open and getting ready for its official launch later this year. If you would like to be part this first of it’s kind, digital Superfan experience, visit to download the PC App and explore!


We currently have digital companions available for The Misfits and Death available at


Rock Hard Physical and Digital !



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