King Diamond Rock Iconz Statue


The King Diamond limited edition collectible is hand painted and numbered and produced as a fine arts piece. There are only 1777 created and sold worldwide.

**Now in Back Order Status** 
We are now on back-order for the King Diamond Rock Iconz statue.

New orders for the very limited amount of King Diamond Rock Iconz statues left in the edition will be filled in the order they are received later this summer.

Each statue is a hand-crafted work of art, so we are continuing production on these very limited edition collectibles until we reach the end of this limited edition.

Reserve yours now to ensure you receive one of these limited edition collectibles.

The King Diamond Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition statue stands approximately 8 inches tall from the bottom of his boots to his hat. The statue base is roughly 5.5 inches in diameter.

Each statue is cast in resin and painted by hand. This 1/9th scale and detailing is the format used for all KnuckleBonz products dating back to 2003.

King Diamond asked us to include this note from him directly to you:

“If you place this statue in a room where you sleep

I will show you a glimpse of another world

a world you are not supposed to see… yet.”



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