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KnuckleBonz® creates high-end collectibles focused on music icons and imagery.
We license each of the products we make. Creating officially licensed products is
important to us and has helped us establish our reputable brand.

Created for Fans, by Fans… KnuckleBonz was established in 2003 and has focused on music collectibles. This year we are pleased to add licenses which will complement the work we’ve already created in our KnuckleBonz collectible series.
KnuckleBonz is known for three different collectible product lines, that include Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl® and On Tour™ Collectible Series. Rock Iconz® statues represent artists from a moment in performance history. 3D Vinyl® collectibles are an artistic representation of rocks greatest albums and KnuckleBonz On Tour™ collectibles focuses on stage elements from iconic band tours. All are hand-cast, limited editions, numbered with a certificate of authenticity. All KnuckleBonz collectibles are officially licensed.
We take great pride in our authenticity. This is not just a business to us here at KnuckleBonz. We are ultimately fans and we started KnuckleBonz because we
wanted to create something for other fans that would honor the musicians and rock music legends we admire.
Quality Craftsmanship
Our company takes great pride in the quality craftsmanship that goes into each and
every new collectible product we produce. The result is that we have gotten
fantastic feedback from many loyal customers who have continued to add to their
collections with each new piece we release.

We thank all of these customers who have taken the time to call or write and let us know your feedback. It truly helps us as we strive to create pieces that will honor the icons we are portraying. Remember to vote for new collectibles as we’re always looking for feedback from you as we create new figures.
The company is a privately held and based in the San Francisco Bay Area and ships orders to customers all over the world direct from this online store. We work with
International Distributors to get our products into retail worldwide. 
Attention to Detail and Design KnuckleBonz projects are designed by Tony Simerman, the company’s founder and Creative Director. Below Tony has answered
some common questions we get about how KnuckleBonz got started.

“There are two things that we get asked about often. 1) Where did you come up with the
name “KnuckleBonz” and 2) How did you guys get started with this?”

“Let’s talk about the 2nd one first. I grew up loving things like clay-mation and the Muppets, combined w/ a love of the harder side of rock music. My dad was manager at
the Kenney Center Concert Hall so was lucky enough to be backstage at shows like Queen and Mahogany Rush and any great rock event that came through Washington, DC. I was the kid sitting behind the stacks at most of these major rock shows. Also, our head of Customer Service was at every important hard rock & metal show in the 70s and
80s, making many friends over the years including some names on our roster.
Put those things together and you come up with a company focused on creating ultra detailed collectibles that bring back those special things we watched and listened to when we were growing up.
Our goal here at KnuckleBonz is to create high-end limited-edition statues and collectibles for fans and collectors worldwide. All of our stuff is limited edition and created by hand by the coolest artists and craftsman on the planet…well, we think so anyway. We love what we make… and make what we love…”
The Name: ‘KnuckleBonz’
“Now onto that whacky name “KnuckleBonz.” Given that we have produced statues for some of the heaviest musicians in the world like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Dio it has to have been spawned from a dark, bone crunching theme right? We could lie
and say it’s derived from the game that Genghis Khan played as a child. (While it’s true Khan played ‘Knucklebones’ it’s not the origin of our company name.)

Sorry to disappoint but “KnuckleBonz” is the name my grandmother gave to my well-
worn little toy bear when I was 5 years old. Okay… let’s hear it… “ahhhh”. His head and arm were only attached by a single thread so it was super fragile. My grandmother would hand the bear to me at night to get me to stop bouncing off the walls and get ready for bed.
So when we were trying to think of a great name for the company, my wife suggested KnuckleBonz and it stuck! People seem to like it.. and everyone is always surprised by it’s origin. Regarding the tattered condition of the bear, no worries Kbonz fans. He is alive and well and watches over us everyday here at the studio.
We are pleased at the direction the company is going. We couldn’t be happier to add to licenses like Syd Barrett and Alice Cooper to our extensive and growing list of licensors.
If you have some ideas about new projects, please let us know!
Email Our customer service team works very hard to make
sure each of you get good customer service.
Meanwhile… stayed tuned in…always excited to announce new projects. Thanks again to all of you for your long-term support of the KnuckleBonz product line.” 
All the best!
Tony Simerman, Founder/Creative Director, KnuckleBonz, Inc.

For questions regarding your order email or for additional product
information, email: 

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