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What’s the Greatest Album Cover of All Time?


What’s the Greatest Album Cover of All Time?

On the official KnuckleBonz Social media accounts we asked all of you, “What’s the greatest album cover of all time?” Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but album art was such a key component of the music scene when we were growing up. It might simply be a cool photo of the band which was hard to come by in the pre-MTV and Internet days of old. AC/DC Highway to Hell or QUEEN II come to mind here. Some of our favs are amazing illustrations or paintings like Scorpions Blackout or Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Rising. Others are photos that were manipulated like The Rolling Stones Some Girls or Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. These are marvels as this was all pre-digital.

We’ve gotten to work with some of the great album art of the past 50 years in our 3D Vinyl® Series that brings album covers to life as 3D collectible statues. It was super cool to work on our Pantera Vulgar Display of Power and Misfits Earth A.D. projects. You can check this out here

If we had to pick one cover that stands above them all we might throw our vote behind H.R. Giger’s Brain Salad Surgery cover art for ELP. It’s so majestic and haunting, the painting on the inner sleeve might be even more iconic.

If you are paying attention, you will see that our new digital collectibles we are rolling out takes the idea of 3D album covers to a new level. In our KnuckleBonz City Metaverse, album covers like Death Scream Bloody Gore and The Misfits American Psycho actually do come to life and allow you to travel inside the art itself. If this is of interest, you can email us at to be added to the BETA Test crew for this new digital collectible experience.

Rock Hard!



Wishbone ash,Argus but black Sabbath 1st album.

Carl R Hohnholt

Master of puppets would be a cool 3d album cover.

John kliesch

3d Blizzard of Ozz would be awesome to go with the diary of a Mad man 3 d album


Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Beatles Abbey Road, Queen’s News of the World, Boston’s debut album, Meatloafs’s Bat Out Of Hell, The Clash’s London Calling, Rush’s Moving Pictures, any Journey or ELO album


I own Knucklebonz’s 3D vinyl of Scorpions’ Blackout and i would love to have Quiet Riot’s Metal Health next to it on my wall, i believe it would be so cool in 3D just like Blackout is! Surely another iconic one.

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