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The Making of AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl - KnuckleBonz Collectibles


February 8, 2023

The Making of AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl® - KnuckleBonz® Collectibles

AC/DC Powerage is one of the album covers that presents some special challenges to bring it to life in 3D. The cover art works off a photo of AC/DC co-founder and wielder of the "guitar-bite," Angus Young. There are numerous photo effects on this album cover that are truly "photo" effects. There was no digital editing at any scale in 1978 when Powerage was released so all these effects we done with traditional photo techniques. The effects give the cover a orange glow/posterized feel, and it's shot from a long angle which distorts the facial features to a degree. Angus is also making one of his classic scream faces which also moves further away from his actual likeness to complicate things further.

The KnuckleBonz AC/DC POWERAGE original design was in our 12x12 inch flat plane format with the figure protruding in relief out of the front. We set out to keep as much of the details from the original photo cover image as possible, and after about (2) weeks working in the 12x12 format, we felt like we had something that captured the 2D cover art. However, while it did accurately portray what we were seeing in the 2D album cover art, our sculpt was not really working as a piece of 3D sculpture. When you moved away from the very front view of the 12x12 design, it just wasn't translating, and just felt "off" for lack of a better way of describing it. We shared the design with AC/DC band management and they agreed. Rather than trying to revise that 12x12 design, we decided to start again with Angus Young in a full 3D design on an oval shaped statue base. The electric cables coming out of his coat sleeves flow into a glowing mass inset in the base. This sculpt still worked toward the feel of the original album art, but was a much better representation of Angus Young on the whole...we knew immediately this was the right call.

So, over (2) years after we started the first design, we now offer you for viewing pleasure, AC/DC POWERAGE 3D Vinyl Limited Edition Statue. This hand cast collectible statue design is limited to only 1978 worldwide.

Don't Miss Out Pre-Order AC/DC POWERAGE 3D Vinyl Ltd. Edition Statue Exclusively from KnuckleBonz HERE

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KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl as a category was conceived for those music Superfans, that for what ever reason, just may not be into traditional "live moment" figure based statues that has been our trademark for 20 years. 3D Vinyl is inspired by the great album art we all hold so dear from the past 50 years. The same level and design, artistry and craftmanship goes into the 3D Vinyl Series as the original Rock Iconz limited edition statues and everything that KnuckleBonz creates. The production processes are the exact same...sculpting, hand-made molds and painted details with the certificate of authenticity screen printed on the back.

Rock Hard!

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