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Misfits Fiend Lager Launch Party - Good times in the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series


So nice to see all the great Misfits fans out at the Exclusive Launch Party this weekend at the Calicraft CA Tap Room.

Over the launch weekend fans were treated to the tasty Misfits Fiend Lager for the first time, the first of many beers we will create with The Misfits for our KnuckleBonz Ltd. Edition Beverage Series.

Fans also were treated to signed Fiend Lager Tour posters, Fiend Lager Tees and signed cans.

Check out all the info about Misfits Fiend Lager and order here in (40) states. Order here

Also check out all our limited edition collectibles with The Misfits here.

Rock Hard....more killer beers coming soon

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