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John Lennon - The Plastic Ono Band - A what's what and who's who


The Plastic Ono Band nexus is traced to a creative concept by Yoko Ono dating as far back as 1967. The band in the flesh can be seen here is the grainy, yet pro-shot film from the fall of 1969 at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival Festival.

At this festival the super star Plastic Ono Band w/ John Lennon and featuring the likes of Eric Clapton on guitar joined an amazing bill that included many of the founders of Rock n' Roll and John Lennon's heroes. Bo Didley, Check Berry, Little Richard and "the Killer" Jerry Lee Lewis all played full sets ahead of the Plastic Ono band. The Plastic Ono Band setlist was limited as the band had not really ever played together. The crowd was treated to rock standards like Carl Perkin's Blue Suede Shoes, Money (That's What I Want), and Dizzy Miss Lizzy before a Beatles number Yer Blues. Lennon also did treat the fans to his popular solo tracks of Cold Turkey and Give Peace a Chance.

The Plastic Ono band would appear in various forms throughout the 70s with lineups that included former Beatles Ringo Starr and George Harrison as well as The Who's Keith Moon and the great Billy Preston on keyboards. John and Billy had of course hooked up during the making of Let It Be when Preston energized those recording sessions.

Check Out the Video Here:

Rock Hard !

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