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KnuckleBonz Ltd. Editions - SLAYER Q&A


October 6, 2023

KnuckleBonz Ltd. Editions - SLAYER Q&A

Just got back from the New York ToyFair where we annually meet with international buyers. We dropped lots of new cool stuff, but one of the highlights was the debut of our new Slayer Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue set. We got lots of questions from that show and our launch this week for pre-sales.

Here's some of the Q&A highlights:

Q: Why did you pick this era for Slayer?

A: When we begin design of a new statue set, we hit up the band with our ideas and general era we would like to create. In this case we wanted to go earlier with SLAYER, as our last set had them later in their career when Jeff was still with the band. We settled on this early to mid-90s era. The band did not want to back back any further for this set.


Q: Why is there no Dave Lombardo?

A: As an officially licensed product with Slayer, they dictate what lineup they want us to create. We don't have any creative license here. The band lineup is what the band says it is...that's always the final word.


Q:Why is Kerry's head shaved?

A:This is what Kerry looked like in 1994, the era we are creating. Lots of pics from this era with him in his Raiders jersey and this red V-guitar. Tatts on the head are accurate. The tribal ink on his arms come later.


Q: Why is Jeff wearing a South of Heaven shirt.

A: The South of Heaven shirt is from earlier in Slayer history, 1988 to be exact. The original design had a faux death skull for the t-shirt from the 90s, but Mrs. Hanneman specifically requested this shirt. She had a picture of Jeff playing this Jackson guitar that she really liked. Enough said.


Q: Will you be creating 3D Vinyl statue designs for Slayer album covers.

A: Yes, Slayer fans should hit us up here and on social media wit what they would like us to create.


Q: Do you have to buy all (3) KnuckleBonz Slayer statues as set?

A: No, you can buy individual statues. There is a social ore-order promo to buy the set.


Q: When will these ship?

A: Looking at a Spring 2024 ship date. Orders are filled in the order they were placed. No FoMO...


Check our all the KnuckleBonz F*cking SLAYER Collectibles here. Rock Hard!

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