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KnuckleBonz In Pre-Production for New King Diamond Mercyful Fate Ltd. Edition Statue


KnuckleBonz production schedule these days usually runs about 12 to 18 months out. Meaning, we have projects in place that are far ahead for design and production. But, occasionally there is a "great conjunction" that will push us to do something without delay. This is how our new Mercyful Fate King Diamond project kicked off.

We were trying to get credentials sorted for the GHOST/Amon Amarth show here in the Bay Area and having some issues at the gate when someone saw my King Diamond Abigail Tour work shirt. That shirt was one that was normally reserved for tour personnel at that time, and King was kind enough to send it to us. Seeing this shirt, the person comes over and asks, "what's the issue?" We explained that we should be listed and had just worked on the 3D display for the GHOST VIP experience, and she says, "you guys are KnuckleBonz?." Low and behold, this was Jenny from King Diamond's and Mercyful Fate management who also handles Amon Amarth. She quickly sorts us out and we are chatting on the way into the venue. She then comments that she had just been speaking with King and they would really like to see some new collectibles for us to capture the recent MercyFul Fate King Diamond stage costumes. "The BLACK Crown?" we exclaimed, "We are in!"

So, since early this year, we have been working on the new design w/ KIng Diamond in his red tunic and black's an amazing silhouette. I believe we are close to final and should be able to share with metal SuperFans with a release date perhaps late 2024.

If you will be in South America this Spring, make sure to catch Mercyful Fate in Santiago, Chile April 22nd or again in Sao Paulo Brazil April 26th.

Stay tuned here for details on the new KnuckleBonz Mercyful Fate King Diamond Limited Edition Statue...

Rock Hard !

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