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Celebrating Chris Cornell - Soundgarden and Audioslave Excellence


Happy to be celebrating the birthday of Chris Cornell who was born on this day in 1964.

Chris and Soundgarden for us are the alpha and omega for what we celebrate as the "grundge" era. Funny how the industry needed labels, but when you strip things away you have an amazing singer/songwriter and band. Chris's songs and stage presence stood out in those years as Soundgraden threw down great record after record. Six studio efforts to be precise. Can still remember dropping the needle on Badmotorfinger. The nearly 4 octive range of Chris Cornell's voice was on full display. We have the same reverence for the AudioSlave records as well. That's a "miss" in the live concert attendance catalog here. Never got a chance to see Chris Cornell and Tom Morello live...sigh.

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Rock Hard and Drop the Needle of some Soundgarden or Audioslave today.

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