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Where’s My Favorite Band for Rock Iconz or 3D Vinyl?

Where’s My Favorite Band for Rock Iconz® or 3D Vinyl®?

KnuckleBonz is coming to the end of the company’s 17th year bringing music Superfans the only collectible series focused on music, that would be our Rock Iconz and 3D Vinyl collector series. Oh yes, lets’s not forget the newest limited editions for the On Tour® Series. Over the years, we have constantly listened to music fans feedback surrounding what artists they would like to see KnuckleBonz create next. Perhaps the most asked question from superfans is, “when are you going to make “…INSERT ARTISTS HERE…?” Fans will sometime take personally or as a “diss” if certain artists or bands have yet to appear as Rock Iconz or in 3D Vinyl. What we try to remind everyone is that KnuckleBonz ONLY creates officially licensed products.

Before we can lift the first sculpting tool or paint brush to create something as a limited edition collectible, about a dozen things have to happen. We must first all agree here at KnuckleBonz the an artist is right for our series. Some really great artists with lots of hit records may never come to Rock Iconz. The artists needs to have a certain visual appeal to be a fit for what we do. The bands also must agree for a KnuckleBonz design and approve every last detail.

Some artist for whatever reason simply are not interested in a limited edition piece of collectible art at a particular time. We of course understand and may check in again with that artist a year or two down the road. Sometimes the answer is yes. Jimmy Page was not into doing anything in our area for 5 years before we first began to work with him.

If all these planets align, we must then deal with business terms. This is sometimes directly with the artist or with small management companies or even the really big death stars like Universal Music, Sony or Live Nation ect. No small task for either side. As much as we want to ignore it, KnuckleBonz is a business like any other and must be profitable to keep moving forward.

So as you can see there are many things that can trip us up on the way to the next KnuckleBonz Limited Edition. So, if your favorite band or artist has not appeared as a Rock Iconz, there’s a good reason for it. All we can say is hang in there. KnuckleBonz is not going anywhere and we will make it happen for you at some point.

Rock Hard! Kbonz

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