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Vote for the Next Rock Iconz® or 3D Vinyl® Collectible from KnuckleBonz

Vote for the Next Rock Iconz or 3D Vinyl Collectible from KnuckleBonz

KnuckleBonz only exists and is able to continue to create the Rock Iconz® and 3D Vinyl® Series because of all the great superfans of music around the world. We always want to hear what you think is cool and relevant  when deciding what artist to create next. You can always sound off on our official KnuckleBonz social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you want to vote for the next great music artist to come to the Rock Iconz Series you can also send us email at While we can’t always respond to all the emails we receive, we can assure you that your voice is being heard and your vote for the next Rock Iconz or 3D Vinyl collectible is being heard.

You can check out all the current Rock Iconz or 3D Vinyl Collectibles from KnuckleBonz at We are the sole online sales source for our work in the USA.

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