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The Misfits Fiend – Born of the Crimson Ghost

The Crimson Ghost was born in the post war movie series 1946 that had the Super Villian in pursuit the Cyclotrode X. An atomic weapon that could wreak havok on the world if in the wrong hands. Funny how little has changed since 1946. Fast forward to 1979 and he is reborn on the Misfits concert poster foe Max’s in Kansas City. The Crimson Ghost would become “The Fiend” that has been the beacon of every incarnation of The Misfits since then. Not as the main subject of any Misfits album cover art right away, but he was always lurking. It’s amazing bow this image has propagated society. Kids young and old will rock this shirt today with little or no clue of it’s origin…I guess it’s all good.

We hope The Fiend is looking over all of us.

Rock Hard on this Inauguration Day! Kbonz


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  1. Thought this was maybe a notice for a Crimson Ghost statue/figure from KB. If there hasn’t been one yet. That would be killer!

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