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Death Chuck Schuldiner KnuckleBonz Statue – Box Art “First Looks”

Death Chuck Schuldiner KnuckleBonz Statue – Box Art “First Looks”

Pre-Order Chuck Schuldiner Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue and Scream Bloody Gore 3D Vinyl exclusively from KnuckleBonz Here

We are cranking through the holidays on all our Pre-Order productions and just got approval from the Chuck Schuldiner Estate on that package design. Here’s a 1st look…

Our first concept for the package design used the HUMAN album art and it was very cool. But, Chuck’s Estate felt the Sound of Perseverance art would be most fitting as that is the era for the statue design. The Dynamo Open Air 1998 Eindhoven video was instrumental in the Rock Iconz statue reference. Both the album and that performance were 1998.

Production is going well and the statue should be ready to go out to all Pre-Orders in Spring 2023.

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Ghost Pays Tribute to Death and Chuck Schuldiner Live in Florida

You can say what you want about GHOST and where they fit into the metal scene; we totally dig the band here if you have not noticed. But, last night in Tampa, GHOST covered Death’s Zombie Ritual from their seminal Scream Bloody Gore album during their live show last night at Yuengling Arena. Most will agree that this record from Death and founder/leader/song writer Check Schuldiner, is the to now call “Death Metal.” Amazing heaviness, speed, precision, odd time signatures and Chuck’s amazing vocals blew us all away in May of 1987…So cool that Tobias Forge and GHOST paid tribute while in FLA. Good on ya’ GHOST !

Other metal artists have been drawn to this classic track from Death and Scream Bloody Gore. Brazilian thrashers Sepultura, covered  this a a Bonus Track on their 2013 The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be Hearts in 2013.

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If you are paying attention, KnuckleBonz just signed a license with the Chuck Schuldiner Estate and will be bringing you some “Deadly” collectibles very soon…stay tuned here and via official social media sites for updates.

Rock Hard!