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KnuckleBonz – Memorial Day SALE is ON !

KnuckleBonz – Memorial Day SALE is ON !

Click HERE for the SALE info…

A rare chance to save on KnuckleBonz officially licensed collectible statues from great artists like John Lennon, Misfits Jerry Only, Metallica, QUEEN News of the Word. KISS Dynasty, Jimi Hendrix, PANTERA and more…

KnuckleBonz Collectibles are hand cast and detailed in limited edition. Never more than 3000 is cast for music SuperFans Worldwide.

Once a KnuckleBonz Limited Edition Statue is SOLD OUT, it’s gone forever. We never re-release anything we create.

Remember and Honor Those Who Served…

Rock Hard this Memorial Day !


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GHOST Infestissumam KnuckleBonz Limited Edition Statue Drops next week exclusively at

GHOST Infestissumam KnuckleBonz® Limited Edition Statue Drops next week exclusively at

At long last, we are ready to officially announce this limited edition statue for the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl® Series.  Pre-Orders will begin next week for this Super-Rare and limited production. Only 333 will be cast.

This hand-cast and detailed KnuckleBonz collectible statue is 12×12 inches (height and width) and can be either wall mounted or desktop mounted. The statue ships with hardware for both types of display.

Infestissumam ( Latin superlative for “Most Hostile” ) was the 2nd studio release and a  breakthrough success for GHOST and the yet to be named Tobias Forge. The record combined satanic themes with combination of heavy progressiveness, laced with some psychedelia. The material were delivered live by the newly coronated Papa Emeritus the II. Many GHOST Superfans still point to Papa II as their favorite in the bloodline.  The album tracks Specular Haze and Year Zero received much critical acclaim, but Ad Espersa Ad Infri is the fav here at the KnuckleBonz studios. “Drop the Needle” on this today !

The cover album art is a perfect subject for the 12×12 format of the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Series. Artist Zbigniew Bielak delivers an amazing illustration with wonderful perspective that allows the 3D design to jump out of the 12×12 album plane.

The KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Series was created for music SuperFans that for whatever reason are not into the  figure designs of the Rock Iconz Series…it’s amazing what being told “NO” will inspire you to create…

Do check out the live productions for GHOST collectibles from KnuckleBonz here.

All KnuckleBonz Collectibles are officially licensed and limited edition. Once there are gone, the are gone forever, never to return. We have never released any design in 20 years…

Rock Hard!

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Lawsuit Settlement Paves Way for New Soundgarden Music

For once, good news coming out of a court of law. Official socials media sites for Chris Cornell’s and Soundgarden’s  announced yesterday that the 2019 lawsuit surrounding rights to new music has been settled. This paves the way for release of the song final tracks the band and Chris Cornell were working on. No timeline or further details have been made available as of this AM for the release if this new material.

Chris’s Instagram site posted, “The two parties are united and coming together to propel, honor and build upon Soundgarden’s incredible legacy as well as Chris Cornell’s indelible mark on music history – as one of the greatest songwriters and vocalists of all time.”

Soundgarden is also nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year along with other great acts like George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Warren Zevon and Iron Maiden. Get out there and VOTE!

The timing of this is amazing as KnuckleBonz will be announcing the Pre-Sale of our Chris Cornell Limited Edition Statue this coming Thursday.  Checkout for all the info.

LOUD LOVE and Rock Hard !


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Misfits Jerry Only – KnuckleBonz Statue Unboxing Video

Jerry Only of the Misfits just got our KnuckleBonz statue and he did a quick unboxing for us from his home studio.

Check out the KnuckleBonz Jerry Only Unboxing Here

Jerry recaps all of the details of this hand cast limited edition statue right down the the Fiend Skull on the back of the jacket. This was such a fun statue to design and create…you can never have enough Fiends in your life !

All our Misfits collectibles re IN Stock and Shipping Now…No FOMO, this won’t be the case for long.

Check out all  the KnuckleBonz Misfits Collectibles Here

Rock Hard!


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The Clash Live at Shea Stadium 1982 – Something Good Came Out of Moving…

Anyone that has moved recently will tell you what a complete pain in the ass it is, at any scale. However, a move of singer/guitarist of the Clash Joe Strummer yielded “live music treasure” when he stumbled on the Live Recordings of The Clash from Shae Stadium in  October of 1982. Engineered by Glyn John, this recording captured The Clash at the height of their punk rock powers as they opened for The WHO on successive nights in the Big Apple.

There’s a really cool video shot as the band takes the stage and cuts to there closing number Should I Stay or Should I Go with Mick Jones on the mic. Just so cool…check The Clash Live at Shae Stadium it out here.

The live record was released in 2008 in both the UK and USA. Check it out here

Superfans sound off…Would you Like to see Knucklebonz work on collectibles with The Clash in 2023?

Rock Hard !

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Sadness for Southern Rock – Founding Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist Gary Rossington Passes at 71

Southern rock pioneer and a  founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd Gary Rossington has passed at age 71.

Gary Rossington’s contribution to southern rock was massive, fueled by his crunching riffs from his Gibson axes. His amazing slide work on Freebird alone is enough to etch home deeply in the southern rock forever. Rossington, along with ax-mate Allen Collins, laid the cornerstone for the southern rock that was to come with their twin guitar attack.

From 1964 and his first jams with Ronnie Van Zandt until his passing, Gary Rossington was rocking hard surviving the 1977 plane crash to continue on with the formation of the Rossington Collins Band, right through the most recent tour dates. He rocked hard!

Details of Rossington’s passing have not been made available. Please join KnuckleBonz in wishing best wishes to Garry Rossington’s family and friends as well as the extended Skynyrd Family…

KnuckleBonz was fortunate to work with Lynyrd Skynyrd on a VIP Tour Gift in 2018 creating the 55 Chevy Step Side Pickup Truck collectible. The design was based  based on Ronnie Van Zandt’s personal ride that had be recently restored by the family…

Rock in Peace Gary Rossington…

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KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Collector Series Celebrates Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Anniversary.

KnuckleBonz® 3D Vinyl® Series Collector Series Celebrates Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Anniversary.

31 years ago today we were at Tower Records outside Washington. It was a freezing ass release Tuesday and we awaiting the drop of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power. The buzz was all over the place as to how Phillip Anselmo, Dimebag, Vinnie and Rex would follow up the amazing Cowboys from Hell record. Some fans saw a move back to the earlier Pantera that was more hard rock influenced rather than going even heavier than CFH. All a Pantera fan needed to do was drop the needle and they were immediately pulverized by the Mouth of War opening track, only to go right into the shrill of Dimebag’s axe to kick off A New Level, and there was no doubt…we had an instant heavy metal classic. Still get chills…

KnuckleBonz has sculpted Pantera’s  Vulgar Display of Power for our 3D Vinyl Collector Series.  We think it’s one of the best examples of what this series can be crossing over from 2D to 3D. Checkout this hand cast limited edition HERE…NOW SHIPPING.

Also check all the great Pantera Collectibles from KnuckleBonz HERE for Cowboys from Hell, Far Beyond Driven, Reinventing the Steel and more.

Rock Hard !


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The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl® collectible statues by KnuckleBonz® are currently in Production, Ships Fall 2023

The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl® collectible statues by KnuckleBonz® are currently in Production, Ships Fall 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 24, 2023:

KnuckleBonz® along with Bravado announced earlier this year its plans to produce the Black Sabbath (Set of 4) figure collectibles from 1975 era in a limited edition. Now the company announces its plans to create additional iconic Black Sabbath collectible statues for the 3D Vinyl® collectibles line. 3D Vinyl® captures the great album art of the last several decades in a fine arts collectible that is hand-cast and uniquely numbered. KnuckleBonz® Limited Edition Statues of The Black Sabbath (Witch) and the Never Say Die (Pilot) 3D Vinyl collectible statues just dropped.

Pre-Order Now at

These iconic designs are inspired by the haunting beauty of the Witch from the cover of Black Sabbath’s
1970 debut album and the Doomsday Pilot of the 1978 Never Say Die album cover. These designs are
now offered in the 3D Vinyl® series from KnuckleBonz.

The Black Sabbath Collectible Statues are crafted by hand using a fine-arts process where each figure is
hand-painted, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base. These are limited
edition statues, making these highly collectible. “Growing up, I must have spent thousands of hours going over all the details of every Black Sabbath album cover and record sleeve. It’s how we all connected with the band on a daily basis,” says Tony Simerman CEO/Creative Director of KnuckleBonz, Inc. “These images are as important today as ever. So excited to see them come alive in the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Collector Series.”

All work created by the company is officially licensed and approved by the artists and their management. KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz® music collectible series, has been developing iconic, high- quality statues of the legend of rock music since 2003.

The Black Sabbath 3D Vinyl statues sell individually for $164 each or can be purchased as a set (bundle
of 2 statues) for $295 USD for a limited time offer. Each statue ships in a custom package and ships
worldwide. These highly exclusive, limited edition collectibles are now available for pre-order to reserve.
The anticipated ship date is Fall 2023; however, KnuckleBonz will announce a more precise shipping
timeframe later this year. Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for updates.


Press Release
Editorial Contact | Ashley Simerman | KnuckleBonz, Inc. | 800-638-4180 |

KnuckleBonz, Inc. is focused on the creation of high-end collectibles and is committed to fine craftsmanship and the artistry of creating hand-crafted statues for the collector of licensed properties. KnuckleBonz developed the Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl™ and On Tour™ collectible series, a series of limited-edition collectibles specifically created for rock music fans worldwide. KnuckleBonz products are available online at, as well as through international distribution and specialty retail.

About Bravado
Bravado is the leading global provider of consumer, lifestyle and branding services to recording artists and entertainment brands around the world. Part of Universal Music Group, the leader in music-based entertainment, Bravado represents artists in more than 40 countries and provides services including sales, licensing, branding, marketing and e-commerce. Their extensive global distribution network gives artists and brands the opportunity to create deeper connections with their fans through apparel, consumer packaged goods and unique experiences. For more information:


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53 Years Ago, Black Sabbath Changed Us Forever with Their Debut Album

53 years hence, the direction of rock music made a seismic shift with the release of Black Sabbath’s self titled debut album. While their was plenty of heavy music in place at that time, I think we can all agree, this was the big bang for metal.

This 1970 record was so gloomy and doomy, like nothing any of us had ever heard. With Iommi’s amazing riffs, Geezer’s lyrics and thundering bass lines, Bill Wards powerful swing influenced drumming and Ozzy Osbourne immediately spawned as the “Price of Darkness,” it’s still the most seminal moment we can remember in our music Superfandom here at KnuckleBonz. We still get chills when we hear Ozzy’s evil laugh and screams during the title track Black Sabbath. Drop the needle of this today and be taken back to 1970. There was no “flower power, peace and love” in sight for the boys from Birmingham England.

KnuckleBonz® has been hard at work in our 3D Vinyl® Series and very soon we will drop (2) Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statues design for our 3DV Series. Stay tuned here for details Coming Soon!

Do check out our KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue set here for Pre-Order. Production is going well and will wrap up soon. Don’t Miss Out !

Rock Hard Today !

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The Making of AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl – KnuckleBonz Collectibles

The Making of AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl® – KnuckleBonz® Collectibles

AC/DC Powerage is one of the album covers that presents some special challenges to bring it to life in 3D. The cover art works off a photo of AC/DC co-founder and wielder of the “guitar-bite,” Angus Young. There are numerous photo effects on this album cover that are truly “photo” effects. There was no digital editing at any scale in 1978 when Powerage was released so all these effects we done with traditional photo techniques. The effects give the cover a orange glow/posterized feel, and it’s shot from a long angle which distorts the facial features to a degree. Angus is also making one of his classic scream faces which also moves further away from his actual likeness to complicate things further.

The KnuckleBonz AC/DC POWERAGE original design was in our 12×12 inch flat plane format with the figure protruding in relief out of the front.  We set out to keep as much of the details from the original photo cover image as possible, and after about (2) weeks working in the 12×12  format, we felt like we had something that captured the 2D cover art. However, while it did accurately portray what we were seeing in the 2D album cover art, our sculpt was not really working as a piece of 3D sculpture. When you moved away from the very front view of the 12×12 design, it just wasn’t translating, and just felt “off” for lack of a better way of describing it. We shared the design with AC/DC band management and they agreed. Rather than trying to revise that 12×12 design, we decided to start again with Angus Young in a full 3D design on an oval shaped statue base. The electric cables coming out of his coat sleeves flow into a glowing mass inset in the base. This sculpt still worked toward the feel of the original album art, but was a much better representation of Angus Young on the whole…we knew immediately this was the right call.

So, over (2) years after we started the first design, we now offer you for viewing pleasure, AC/DC POWERAGE 3D Vinyl Limited Edition Statue. This hand cast collectible statue design is limited to  only 1978 worldwide.

Don’t Miss Out Pre-Order AC/DC POWERAGE 3D Vinyl Ltd. Edition Statue Exclusively from KnuckleBonz HERE

Check Out all the cool KnuckleBonz AC/DC Collectibles like the Hell’s Bell and the AC/DC For Those About to Rock Cannon HERE.

KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl as a category was conceived for those music Superfans,  that for what ever reason, just may not be into traditional  “live moment” figure based statues that has been our trademark for 20 years. 3D Vinyl is inspired by the great album art we all hold so dear from the past 50 years. The same level and design, artistry and craftmanship goes into the 3D Vinyl Series as the original Rock Iconz limited edition statues and everything that KnuckleBonz creates. The production processes are the exact same…sculpting, hand-made molds and painted details with the certificate of authenticity screen printed on the back.

Rock Hard!