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Remembering – KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz – Ronnie James DIO

Hard to believe we lost Ronnie James DIO over a decade ago. Remembering DIO on what would have been his 80th birthday.

Ronald James Padavona “DIO”, is one of the most versatile and powerful singers in music history.  His range, stage presence and ability to deliver a line was un-paralleled. RJD burst on the worldwide stage as a member of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow creating amazing debut and sophomore efforts before being tapped to replace Ozzy Osbourne after his exit from Black Sabbath. We can remember really wanting to “not like” Heaven and Hell, but Ronnie’s amazing voice with a re-energized Sabbath line-up made it impossible. DIO went on to massive solo success creating one of the finest  heavy metal records of all time, Holy Diver.

We were fortunate to work with Ronnie’s estate to create (2) KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition statues. Both have been long since sold out. You can occasionally find then on the secondary markets with a hefty price tag which is common for most all our SOLD OUT products.

Rock in Peace RJD !

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Music You Can “See” – The Great Album Cover Artists and Designers of Rock

Not all heroes in the the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl® and On Tour™ and On Tour Series played an instrument. The paint brush and camera lens also made music for all of us when wielded  by the great album cover artist and designers.

Before the digital age of music, Album and Poster art was and essential part of the music Superfan experience.  It the same flag many of us still fly today on the art we have in the house or the clothes we wear. Can you imagine  Pink Floyd’s legacy with the designs of Storm Thorgerson? The “Dark Side of the Moon” Prism, all of the “Wish You Were Here” “Hand Shakes” the “Delicate Sound of Thunder” “Lightbulb Man.” Aubrey Powell founded the great Hypgnosis (In Collaboration w/ Storm Thorgerson) and gave us classic Led Zeppelin cover art from “Houses of the Holy” and .  Could we ever  separate Pink Floyd “The Wall” from the illustrator and cartoonist Gerald Scarfe? We think not. So many of the great bands we love are so closely tied to the great artists that were associated with their album releases. Roger Dean defined the band “Yes” with unbelievable illustration and graphic design that almost let you here the albums before you dropped the needle. Many of us discovered the fantasy art master Frank Frazetta, from the album art of Molly Hatchet before we ever heard of “Conan the Barbarian” The list goes on. Can you imagine Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow without the “Rainbow Raising” cover painting of Ken Kelly? Oh yes, what we owe the KISS Destroyer cover to him as well…

For us, these images are as  as important as the music that plays when you drop the needle. It’s an essential part of why we are in our 18th year here at KnuckleBonz.

Rock Hard! Kbonz