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KnuckleBonz is Going “South of Heaven” – New SLAYER Statue Set in the Works

KnuckleBonz® is going South of Heaven – New SLAYER Set in the Works

Hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since our first SLAYER KnuckleBonz Ltd. Edition Statue set. For those Slaytanic SuperFans that were with us that far back, you will remember those designs had the band as they appeared in that 2014ish. Jeff Hanneman had the black shin guards and Kerry had his full complements of tatts, head and arms ect. A little grey in Tom Araya’s goatee.

Long since SOLD OUT, the first KnuckleBonz SLAYER Rock Iconz® Statues are some of the most sought after on the secondary markets for sure.

This time around we the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz designs will have the band from the early 90s. Classic SLAYER, as a arena headliners touring the planet and firmly planted as thrash metal titans.

Will be updating you guys soon with some more details about the pre-sale launch. Don’t sleep on this one, all KnuckleBonz products are created in limited editions and never re-released once they are gone. This launch is going to be hotter that it is…SOUTH OF HEAVEN.

Rock Hard and Stay Tuned!

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KnuckleBonz – QUEEN II Ltd. Edition Statue Production WRAPPED!

Attention all QUEEN Superfans – The KnuckleBonz®  QUEEN II Rock Iconz® Ltd. Edition Statue Production has WRAPPED!

We are now in the QA phase that happens to inspect all details just before placing the statue in the the protective packaging and color box. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon then begin the trip to our USA warehouse to ship to Pre-Orders.

This set captures QUEEN and they are breaking in the USA touring the Sheer Heart Attack album.  We were lucky enough to see this tour at the John F. Kennedy Center in Wash, DC. Quite a bill with openers Kansas and Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. Would love to time travel back to that show.

Here link to a video show live from the production floor today from QA.

Still time to Pre-ORDER QUEEN II Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue Set HERE.

Rock Hard!

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KnuckleBonz GHOST 2023 – Launch Video Papa IV White & Black nameless Ghoul Guitars

KnuckleBonz GHOST 2023 – Launch Video Papa IV White & Black nameless Ghoul Guitars

Launched these new design of GHOST Papa Emeritus IV Black Robes and Military Jacket along with his Nameless Ghoul guitar players just in time for the US Tour Kick Off in California. These designs bring to live the costumes and tour elements of the Re-Emperatour 2023.

Check out the KnuckleBonz GHOST launch video HERE

The (4) new statues in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Collections can be Pre-Ordered exclusively at

Rock Hard!


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Randy Rhoads Color Variant Statues – SOLD OUT !

Randy Rhoads Color Variant Statues – SOLD OUT !

“Randy Freaks” continue to be the some of greatest and most passionate SuperFans in the music world. After only 3 short days, our new Randy Rhoads Ltd. Edition Statues are SOLD OUT. These new designs feature Randy’s Polka Dot V and White Jackson guitars. The designs are color variants on the red leather suit design we releases last year. The era is the early 80s of Ozzy Osbourne when they were touring to support Ozzy’s solo record The Blizzard of Ozz. This is the first time most of ever heard the great Randy Rhoads.

If you missed out, you can sign up for the waitlist by sending email to In the subject write “Randy Rhoads Waitlist.” We will take you information and contact you if one of the pre-orders drops out. Does not happen very often, but this the only way to potentially still get these SOLD OUT KnuckleBonz Ltd. Edition Statues.

There a very small number of the Randy Rhoads red suite version. Order that KnuckleBonz Statue HERE.


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KnuckleBonz Vault Now Open – SuperRare Randy Rhoads 3 #0002 Ltd. Edition Statue

The KnuckleBonz Vault is Now Open and a SuperRare Randy Rhoads 3 #0002 Ltd. Edition Statue is up for bidding.

The KnuckleBonz Vault opens a few times a year to offer SuperFans and elite collectors a shot at rare wow # and Sold Out KnuckleBonz Collectibles. Auctions always start at our regular retail pricing. You the fans ultimately decide the value of these exclusive KnuckleBonz Ltd. Editions.

This statue design is from Randy’s first tour with Ozzy Osbourne on the Blizzard of Oz Tour circa 1981. This would set the band up as an arena headliner and re-launch Ozzy as a solo artist.

Anyone on the Sunset Strip scene in the late 70s early 80s would have been very familiar with Randy Rhoads, but most of us witnessed his meteoric talent for the first time on this tour and the Blizzard of Oz album. In this KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz design, Randy is wearing his red leather stage suit with favorite white axe. He stands atop a recreations of his iconic Marshall Amp rig, complete with the white and black heads.

Check out the KnuckleBonz Vault Auction here

If you are paying attention, a new Randy Rhoads launch is slated at for tomorrow. (2) variants of this statue will be launched with Randy’s White Jackson and Polka Dot V Guitars.  Both editions are super short runs with only #250 of each design begin cast for Randy Rhoads Freaks worldwide…


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KnuckleBonz – Memorial Day SALE is ON !

KnuckleBonz – Memorial Day SALE is ON !

Click HERE for the SALE info…

A rare chance to save on KnuckleBonz officially licensed collectible statues from great artists like John Lennon, Misfits Jerry Only, Metallica, QUEEN News of the Word. KISS Dynasty, Jimi Hendrix, PANTERA and more…

KnuckleBonz Collectibles are hand cast and detailed in limited edition. Never more than 3000 is cast for music SuperFans Worldwide.

Once a KnuckleBonz Limited Edition Statue is SOLD OUT, it’s gone forever. We never re-release anything we create.

Remember and Honor Those Who Served…

Rock Hard this Memorial Day !


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GHOST Infestissumam KnuckleBonz Limited Edition Statue Drops next week exclusively at

GHOST Infestissumam KnuckleBonz® Limited Edition Statue Drops next week exclusively at

At long last, we are ready to officially announce this limited edition statue for the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl® Series.  Pre-Orders will begin next week for this Super-Rare and limited production. Only 333 will be cast.

This hand-cast and detailed KnuckleBonz collectible statue is 12×12 inches (height and width) and can be either wall mounted or desktop mounted. The statue ships with hardware for both types of display.

Infestissumam ( Latin superlative for “Most Hostile” ) was the 2nd studio release and a  breakthrough success for GHOST and the yet to be named Tobias Forge. The record combined satanic themes with combination of heavy progressiveness, laced with some psychedelia. The material were delivered live by the newly coronated Papa Emeritus the II. Many GHOST Superfans still point to Papa II as their favorite in the bloodline.  The album tracks Specular Haze and Year Zero received much critical acclaim, but Ad Espersa Ad Infri is the fav here at the KnuckleBonz studios. “Drop the Needle” on this today !

The cover album art is a perfect subject for the 12×12 format of the KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Series. Artist Zbigniew Bielak delivers an amazing illustration with wonderful perspective that allows the 3D design to jump out of the 12×12 album plane.

The KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Series was created for music SuperFans that for whatever reason are not into the  figure designs of the Rock Iconz Series…it’s amazing what being told “NO” will inspire you to create…

Do check out the live productions for GHOST collectibles from KnuckleBonz here.

All KnuckleBonz Collectibles are officially licensed and limited edition. Once there are gone, the are gone forever, never to return. We have never released any design in 20 years…

Rock Hard!

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Misfits Jerry Only – KnuckleBonz Statue Unboxing Video

Jerry Only of the Misfits just got our KnuckleBonz statue and he did a quick unboxing for us from his home studio.

Check out the KnuckleBonz Jerry Only Unboxing Here

Jerry recaps all of the details of this hand cast limited edition statue right down the the Fiend Skull on the back of the jacket. This was such a fun statue to design and create…you can never have enough Fiends in your life !

All our Misfits collectibles re IN Stock and Shipping Now…No FOMO, this won’t be the case for long.

Check out all  the KnuckleBonz Misfits Collectibles Here

Rock Hard!


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DOOM in the Bay City – An Evening w/ Candlemass

While working at KnuckleBonz is a job, with all the things that go along with that…we can say the absolute best part of working here is getting to go out at see live music from one of the bands we are currently working with. Such was the case last evening when we were treated to an Epicus Doomicus Metallicus evening with Candlemass. The show was amazing and the guys were in fine form as they wrap up of this leg of their SOLD OUT US tour. The setlist was power packed. Bewitched, absolutely set the crowd off and they never stopped. We actually got to spend some time with the band Leif Edling, Mats “Mappe” Bjorkman, Johan Lanquist and Lars Johansson before and after the show, which is a rare occasion. We of course talked about all things Doom and Candlemass, but were able to talk about all the great bands and artists  we love and admire across the board, so cool. Just being a fan of heavy music and sharing that fandom is such great medicine.

Thanks Candlemass, see you at Mappe’s restaurant,  De Lyckliga D’rarna (The Happy Lunatics), in Sweden this summer.

Check out of Candlemass Limited Edition Statue from the genre defining album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. NOW SHIPPING Worldwide….

Get out there and see your bands as the Spring and Summer touring heats up…

Rock hard !

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The Clash Live at Shea Stadium 1982 – Something Good Came Out of Moving…

Anyone that has moved recently will tell you what a complete pain in the ass it is, at any scale. However, a move of singer/guitarist of the Clash Joe Strummer yielded “live music treasure” when he stumbled on the Live Recordings of The Clash from Shae Stadium in  October of 1982. Engineered by Glyn John, this recording captured The Clash at the height of their punk rock powers as they opened for The WHO on successive nights in the Big Apple.

There’s a really cool video shot as the band takes the stage and cuts to there closing number Should I Stay or Should I Go with Mick Jones on the mic. Just so cool…check The Clash Live at Shae Stadium it out here.

The live record was released in 2008 in both the UK and USA. Check it out here

Superfans sound off…Would you Like to see Knucklebonz work on collectibles with The Clash in 2023?

Rock Hard !