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Black Sabbath Joins the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series with Iron Man Lager

Black Sabbath Joins the KnuckleBonz Beverage Series with Iron Man Lager….“NOW THE TIME IS HERE FOR IRON MAN TO SPREAD FEAR.”

Pre-Sale starts today Order Here…

This is a Mx style lager that will be a great holiday libation for any Black Sabbath SuperFan. The label art is in the classic Sabbath purple with a graphic treatment of a classic band photo of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. This is from the Paranoid album era when things really began to change for the band with radio play of the single Paranoid. 

Iron Man Lager, the first ever officially sanctioned Black Sabbath beer has traveled through time to save mankind from bland and flavorless beer.  Produced by @knucklebonz in coordination with @blacksabbath and brewed by @decadentales. Available exclusively at Half Time!

Brewed with filtered water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, Iron Man Lager is a rich, full-flavored lager beer brewed with premium barley malt that gives it a slightly sweet, well-balanced taste with a light hops character and crisp finish

This is the first in many beers for Black Sabbath in the Series. KnuckleBonz has signed a multi-year agreement with the band to bring fans all the cool heavy metal themes and matching beer tastes that can be imagined.

Also check out the Black Sabbath Ltd. Edition Statue set from KnuckleBonz. The band is sculpted in the Sabotage era circa 1975. Don’t miss out on this limited edtion….No FoMO. PRE ORDER Black Sabbath KnuckleBonz Statue Here.

Rock Hard !


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KnuckleBonz punches a “Hole in the Sky” w/ new Black Sabbath Statue Set

KnuckleBonz punches a “Hole in the Sky” w/ new Black Sabbath Statue Set.

Such and exciting day here at KnuckleBonz as we roll out our Black Sabbath Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue Set.  We have hand-cast and detailed the entire original band from circa 1975.

When we put the first castings of the Sabbath statues on our lighted stage for the promo video shoot last week, we all got chills. Looking thru the preview monitor if was like watching Black Sabbath live in 1975 on Don Kirshers’s Rock Concert. If you were there for that era of rock music, you had to tune in to  ABC “In Concert” or Don Kirshner’s “Rock Concert” for the chance to see anything live other than going to a show.

The entire original Black Sabbath lineup of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward have all been hand cast and detailed in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz style. Each statue stands approximately 9 inches tall. All ship in their own color packing in early 2023.

“Due to the sheer magnitude and importance of Black Sabbath, these figures will only be sold together as a complete set.”

Pre Order the KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath Limited Edition Rock Iconz Statue set here.

Rock Hard!

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Birthday Wishes to Rock Iconz Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath

Terence “Geezer” Butler was born July 17, 1949, in Birmingham, England. Not only a stand alone amazing musician that was one of the founders of what we now call  Metal, but an elite song writer/lyricist that in our opinion is under-rated . The name “Black Sabbath” and all the dark story telling  themes of the band can be traced directly to the mind of Geezer Butler.

As a teen Geezer formed his first band, Rare Breed, with schoolmate John “Ozzy” Osbourne; in the fall of 1968, the two reunited in the blues quartet Polka Tulk, which also featured guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. After briefly re-christening themselves Earth, the foursome adopted the Black Sabbath name in early 1969, at Geezer’s suggestion. While Black Sabbath’s  1970 debut laid the foundations for their deafening, sludgy hard rock attack, the follow-up Paranoid was their creative and commercial breakthrough, selling four-million copies in the U.S. alone on the strength of fan favorites like “War Pigs,” “Iron Man,” and the title track; though Osbourne was the band’s focal point, Geezer wrote the songs’ lyrics, drawing heavily upon his fascination with the black arts to explore recurring themes of death and destruction. During the latter half of the 1970s, Black Sabbath’s popularity dwindled, and in 1979 Geezer briefly left the band; his return to the lineup coincided with Osbourne’s departure, although the group continued on with new front man Ronnie James Dio. Geezer again exited in mid-1984, forming the Geezer Butler Band before reuniting with Osbourne in 1987. Geezer re-joined Sabbath for 1992’s Dehumanizer, but again quit the group two years later; after another fling with Osbourne, he formed G/Z/R, issuing Plastic Planet in 1995. The solo Black Science followed in 1997, and Ohmwork in 2005. It was around 1997 that Geezer returned again to Black Sabbath, for the Ozzfest 97 tour, and has been involved with Black Sabbath since this point on various Ozzfest tours through till “The End” in 2016.  Geezer continues in the new band Deadland Ritual starting in 2019.

Rock Hard Geezer !