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” Last Chance ! ” Ghost “Cardinal Copia” Rock Iconz® Statue Variants

Many KnuckleBonz® collectors have asked for a heads up any time one of our limited editions is about to Sell Out…be careful what you asked for. Posting here to let you know we are down to the last few units of the our GHOST Cardinal Copia Limited Edition Rock Iconz® Statue Variant designs. These were announced via our Email list last Friday. These are not only super rare because the are such a low production run, only 333 per design, but also because in our 18 year history we have done so few variants of any kind. These will be gone be end of day. You can add Paha Nihil and the Nameless Ghoul Guitar Players Rock Iconz to this “endangered list.”

New Cardinal Copia variant appears in his White Tux and Fedora versus the Black Tux in the original Rock Iconz design. The Cardinal Copia Cassock robes variant his  black raiment versus the original SOLD OUT Red Cassock Ltd. Edition.

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We think Tobias Forge and the GHOST Clergy may be opting for a 2022 re-emergence with Papa Emeritus IV in the same fashion that many large tours like QUEEN, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate have done. Over the last couple of weeks, all have pushed out touring due to continued Covid restrictions on live events worldwide. Sooo, what we have now in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Series now is probably what you will get in 2021.

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Rock Hard! Collect Harder! Kbonz

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GHOST Rock Iconz® Limited Edition Statues are Now Shipping !

Ghost Papa Nihil, Ghost Ghoul Guitar White, Ghost Ghoul Guitar Black Rock Iconz and A Pale Tour Named Death Stage Set for our On Tour™ Series.

Now shipping at our Ghost Papa Nihil, Ghost Ghoul Guitar White, Ghost Ghoul Guitar Black Rock Iconz and A Pale Tour Named Death Stage Set for our On Tour™ Series.

All Pre-Order GHOST SuperFans orders go out first and we will then begin processing new orders on a first-com-1st-serve basis. Don’t miss out of these officially GHOST licensed collectibles that capture the “A Pale Tour Named Death” tour 2020. 

Nameless Ghoul The Nameless Ghouls are the live performance band for Ghost. On the “A Pale Tour Named Death”, seven Ghouls patrolled the stage with Cardinal Copia bringing the Ghost heaviness around the world. While the Ghouls are virtually identical, the guitar crunch fueled by the White and Black Ghoul guitarists is undeniable. The Ghost sound defies genres, calling on what fans recognize as hard rock, heavy, metal, doom, pop and progressive rock.  With the promotion of    Cardinal Copia, the new era of Papa Emeritus IV begins. The path forward is unclear during a time of pandemic and global strife.

Each KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz® Limited Edition is hand-crafted. Never more than 3000 pieces are cast for super-fans worldwide. All Rock Iconz   statues are officially licensed, limited edition collectibles. This is a fine-arts production process where each statue is hand-cast, painted and  numbered. Rock Iconz are created in 1/9 scale making them 8 to 9 inches tall. Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base of the statue.

Rock Hard! Kbonz