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New “Old” Music from the Black Crowes – 1972 EP Coming Soon

The Black Crowes have just dropped a single form the upcoming 1972 album. The Crowes Bros. Rich and Chris Robinson enter the for the first time together in many moons to revisit some of the music that shaped the band from the amazing year 1972. Think about it, 72′ had R&B and Funk right next to Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake and Palmer. What an amazing time.

Check out this YouTube clip from the recording sessions at the legendary Sunset Studio. You hear covers of The Temptations Papa Was a Rolling Stone as well as the Rolling Stones Rocks Off

So cool to see a real rock band just diginin’ what they do.  Can’t wait for the whole EP to drop. This is a must have vinyl for sure.

The Black Crowes are out on the Shake Your $ Maker tour…must see. Get out there and rock!

KnuckleBonz will be brining you some killer collectibles with the Black Crowes later this year. Stay tuned

Rock Hard!


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Back to LIVE Music Courtesy of The Black Crowes

For the 1st time since the KnuckleBonz Krew attended KISS with opening act David Lee Roth in March of 2020, we were able to step out and see an arena rock show. The Black Crowes had “The Remedy” and we were treated to what rock n’ roll is all about. A great band, with great songs, w/ undeniable passion. With the  Robinson brothers Rich and Chris’s fabled feuding over the years, we thought this day might not come, but it did.

We were treated to a great night out with opening act Dirty Honey bringing the dirt. Riff oriented rock with a great singer front man in Marc Labelle, absolutely solid. You must tune in to this band if you subscribe to boogie rock in any form..

The Black Crowes were on fire tearing through the 1990 “Shake Your Money Maker” album in sequence to lead off the set. “No Speak No Slave” was also highlight for us. The band laid down a hit laden set throughout with an amazing cover of Led Zeppelin “Hey Hey What Can I Do” as closer. The previous show in LA had them closing with a Rolling Stones cover so this was a surprise treat. Check out The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page “Live at the Greek” and you will see why we were so excited.

All systems go for more shows this fall including Megadeth, Billy Idol, Greta Van Fleet, The Eagles and many others.

If you are not motivated to get out and go to a live show now after that last year and a half, it might be time for you to hang em’ up…get out there and ROCK!

Rock Hard this Monday…