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Lawsuit Settlement Paves Way for New Soundgarden Music

For once, good news coming out of a court of law. Official socials media sites for Chris Cornell’s and Soundgarden’s  announced yesterday that the 2019 lawsuit surrounding rights to new music has been settled. This paves the way for release of the song final tracks the band and Chris Cornell were working on. No timeline or further details have been made available as of this AM for the release if this new material.

Chris’s Instagram site posted, “The two parties are united and coming together to propel, honor and build upon Soundgarden’s incredible legacy as well as Chris Cornell’s indelible mark on music history – as one of the greatest songwriters and vocalists of all time.”

Soundgarden is also nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year along with other great acts like George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, Warren Zevon and Iron Maiden. Get out there and VOTE!

The timing of this is amazing as KnuckleBonz will be announcing the Pre-Sale of our Chris Cornell Limited Edition Statue this coming Thursday.  Checkout for all the info.

LOUD LOVE and Rock Hard !


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Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir “Must See TV” Polish Guitar Virtuoso Marcin

Got wind of this “cover” of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir by Polish Guitar Virtuoso Marcin while listening to Sirius MX Radio Ozzy’s Boneyard Channel from Keith Roth this AM while on the way into the KnuckleBOnz Studio.  He briefly described this acoustic this cover of the Physical Graffiti masterpiece, saying the both Paul Stanley of KISS and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audio Slave had given props. However, this gives no hint and how amazing this video clip really is. We’ve provided a link to check out guitarist Marcin Patrzalek from his Instgram feed. The 20 year old runs through Jimmy Page’s chord progression with tapping while simultaneously knocking out John Bonham’s percussion banging on the body of the acoustic guitar, complete with rim shots! It’s effortless and you can see Marcin is not just playing, he’s feeling this Led Zeppelin classic. Makes us feel good at KnuckleBonz that Rock is alive and well…Keep it up Marcin, we might be creating you for the Rock Iconz® Series before too long.

Rock Hard! Kbonz