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Shipping Delays at the US Ports

While we were hoping for the best, the anticipated delay at the US shipping port is upon us and has delayed our Fall 2020 shipping dates. Here’s the latest update:

US customs has placed an exam HOLD on all our containers filled with our Rock Iconz, 3D Vinyl and On Tour products. The delay is due to a detailed X- Ray exam at the port of Oakland. The port is reporting  severe congestion as well as labor shortage due to the overall  Covid-19 disruption. This is further complicated by the new shelter-in-place orders in California USA.   We will update you all again when our containers are released from this HOLD.

So, even though we hit our finish dates on production, due to this delay at the US ports, it looks like we will not be able to get pre-orders to you before Xmas Day.

Will promise to keep you posted here and via email will any shipping updates.

Rock Hard! Kbonz

4 thoughts on “Shipping Delays at the US Ports

  1. Thanks for the update, but why can’t this be sent out via email to all the customers??

    1. This info will be going out via email as well to all pre-order customers…this shipping situation sucks, but it’s what we have in this Covid world, so we deal with it and keep moving.

  2. Now it’s the end of December. Us customs really sucks.

    1. Normally we would agree, but given the challenges in all phases of what we do right now, we need to let them do their jobs which are tougher than ever with all the restrictions here in California… Thx for hanging with us. Kbonz

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