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Revisit a Rock Iconz License ?

Jimmy Page-KnuckleBonz - SOLDOUT

Hey All…

If we were to produce something that revisits a statue were have created in the past and is SOLD OUT, as all Rock Iconz are eventually, what should it be?

We have our personal favs over the years, Jimmy Page Stormtrooper, Randy Rhoads 2, Dimebag Darrell 2, Keith Emerson of ELP…it’s hard to say. Our fav is usually whatever we are working on at the time.

Sound off here…let us know!

Our holiday sale continues through the end of the year. You Superfans asked for it so we are happy to b ring you Rock Iconz, 3D Vinyl and On Tour collectibles at 20% to 30% until January 4th.

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9 thoughts on “Revisit a Rock Iconz License ?

  1. Page Storm troooer or even better, make that Song Remains the same protocol type !!!

  2. Page Stormtrooper OR
    Madison Square Garden, Song Remains the Same …. proto type

  3. Would LOVE to see a new Randy Rhoads figure w/ his cream Les Paul custom.

  4. Definitely Queen Freddie and Brian

  5. I really want the KK Downing and Glenn Tipton ones back!!, to go w/ my Halford statue.

  6. Remake some of the papa emeritus figures that sold out or the new image of Papa Emeritus VI

  7. > **** Just ordered new RR #3 !!! Very, , very sweet KBz !!
    ( Hoping for that low low number, collectors that get on your Pre Sells early, appreciate ! )

    Thank YOU – istening & responding to your legion of followers of ROCK !….

    Brian Wismer

  8. Was wondering if you guys will be making the boys from maiden any time soon

    1. This is something we want to create, but so far, the band has not allowed anything with their likenesses in any collectible category. The good news is lots of Eddie still to create.

      Thx and Rock Hard!


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