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Randy Rhoads Rock Iconz Update – Call with Kathy Rhoads Dargenzio

Had a call with Kathy Rhoads Dargenzio, Randy Rhoads sister, yesterday to check in and give the Rhoads Family and update on the shipping and production status for Randy’s new Rock Iconz® Limited Edition Statue. Thought we would share that here for all you Randy Freaks…

The 1st wave pf production actually finished last month and has been going through all the steps for international shipping to get to our USA warehouse. The statues are in the in line on the cargo ship juts of the SF Bay area ports waiting for our turn to go through customs. This is always tough as it one of the things that we have no control over in the whole production process. Our original window to clear US customs was just over a week ago. Things are still backed up sue to Covid unfortunately. Once we clear the ports in should only be a week to 10 days before we start shipping to pre-orders.

Note, that the fist wave of production is pretty much taken by all the pre-orders. We have a 2nd wave of production that has just finished and is beginning the journey to our US warehouse. Bottom line, all we create are limited editions and they are sold 1st-come-1st-serve. If you want a chance at this Randy Rhoads Rock Iconz design, best to get in the order queue.

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On the call with Kathy Rhoads, we were able to confirm that one of Randy’s guitars that was taken in the recent theft at the Musonia School of Music has been returned to the family. Great news there! Things are on-going with that situation so that’s all the info we have. Kathy also talked a bit about Randy Rhoads recent induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame w/ the “Musical Excellence Award.” It sounds like there will be some kind of live ceremony in Cleveland to celebrate that this fall. Too early for any more details on that.

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