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Production Update March 2023 – Many Products Have Landed !

KnuckleBonz® March2023 – PRODUCTION UPDATE

These are the updates we really like to give as there’s a ton of good news with multiple products arriving at our USA KnuckleBonz warehouse faculty next week. Here’s the full scoop.

The following products have cleared US customs and are arriving at our warehouse next week. After check in, they will begin shipping to all you Pre-Order Superfans. You have top priority. You will be receiving email about your order status in a couple of weeks.

Note: For Death and GNR, production is still up and running creating additonal statues. 1st wave of production statues will be set up to ship in the next couple of weeks.  However, those products have been super hot in pre-sale, so some orders will need to be filled in the 2nd wave of production. As always, orders are filled in the order they were received. You will be receiving email about your pre-order status in a couple of weeks.

Products In Production – 

KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath Rock Iconz Statue Set – Production is in the final stages and is going through the final QA processes now.  Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward Rock Iconz Statues. Production is on track for late Spring ship date. Don’t miss out on the massive pre-sale special pricing here…

KnuckleBonz Black Sabbath 3D Vinyl The debut album Witch and the Never Say Die Pilot: These products juts kicked off production after  last weeks Pre-Sale announcement. Pre-Order are super hot…don’t miss these iconic themes from the Boys from Birmingham. Pre-Order Black Sabbath 3D Vinyl here.

AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl – Things are flowing well and AC/DC Powerage 3D Vinyl Limited Edition Statue and so far all is on trach for the fall release. Don’t miss out on the limited edition of only 1978. Pre-Order AC/DC Powerage here.

Behind the scenes “2023 Sneak Peaks” from KnuckleBonz:

*QUEEN II – As a follow up to our last QUEEN Rock Iconz  Ltd. Edition Statues that captured Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon from the early 80s, KnuckleBonz will soon drop QUEEN II Rock Iconz designs. These have the band in their Black/White costumes as the Sheer Heart Attack album is hitting US airwaves and they are on their first headlining USD tour. Stay tuned for that Pre-Sale Launch.

*A New Randy Rhoads KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz design has been approved by the Randy Rhoads Estate and is in pre-production for a late Summer release. This design captures Randy in the early part of his career when he owned the Sunset Strip, just ahead of his years with Ozzy. Think bow-tie and Polka-Dot Vest…

*Cheech and Chong Collectible Statues are in design featuring the comedy duo from the iconic Shred Session in Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie. A new Cheech and Chong beer is coming soon as well…The Lo-Rah-Duh is a real goer!!!

*KISS Destroyer Era KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Statue designs for Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter are in sculpting and will roll-out later this Spring. Probably a Fall ship date for this new KISS Set from KnuckleBonz.

Stay tuned here for more specific updates…

Rock Hard  !

7 thoughts on “Production Update March 2023 – Many Products Have Landed !

  1. Yes Iron maiden and van Halen would be great

  2. I would like to see figures of the rest of Rush, the rest of the Ramones , Figures on Wasp , not just Blackie The rest of the Who and add the Pete Townsend where he is jumping , Pink Floyd ,not just the albums, Iron Maiden including Paul D’i’anno and Led Zeppelin , not just Page.. It is a lot to ask but if you could please consider it . Thanks

  3. Alex, Eddy, Michael and Dave. Yes VanHalen 3d vinyl and rock icons would be good

  4. I’d like the speak of the devil midget from Ozzy

  5. Suggestions of more products–Eddie Van Halen statue or all Van Halen statues, Van Halen I 3D vinyl album, , DIO-Holy Diver 3D vinyl, Iron Maiden band members statues and more 3D vinyls, Judas Priest 3D vinyls of Screaming for Vengeance, Painkiller and Defenders of the Faith, and Metallica-Ride The Lightning 3D vinyl, Skid Row statues and/or Sebastian Bach statue, Stevie Ray Vaughn statue, Helloween 3D vinyl or statues, UFO statues, Stryper statues.

    Any of these would be pretty awesome. Not sure if some or any are possible with licenses and all.


  6. Van Halen!!!Van Halen!!!Van Halen!!!
    Statues and 3D vinyl

  7. Metallica And Justice For All or Master Of Puppets band member sets. Some 3D Metallica vinyl album would be amazing to. New Slayer set

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