Pantera® Vulgar Display of Lager

Pantera® Vulgar Display of Lager  

The band Pantera’s 1992 release, ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ has gone double platinum and ranks in Rolling Stones’ Top 10 Metal Albums of All Time. To brew a beer in tribute to this monumental metal achievement, Great South Bay selected nothing but the finest of ingredients and adhered strictly to the Reinheitsgebot brewing method, a “beer purity” approach dating back to a 1516 Bavarian law. The result is quite a “Vulgar Display of Lager” with a complex flavor profile that is cold fermented for the crisp and refreshing experience you’d expect from a world class German Lager.

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Released as part of the KnuckleBonz Ltd Ed Beverage Series in collaboration with Great South Bay Brewery

©2022 Pantera Partnership, under license from Bravado International Group and KnuckleBonz, Inc. All rights reserved



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