Ghost Papa Nihil + Stage Set (Bundle of 2)


The Ghost Papa Nihil + Stage Set (Bundle of 2) is no longer available.  The Papa Nihil statue is now sold out.

Each is hand-painted, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base of the statue. Each is a limited edition collectible. Only 3000 of each statue is made.

This is an officially licensed product, created by KnuckleBonz, Inc. Using a team of highly skilled artists, each statue is sculpted and cast in poly-resin and then hand-painted in fine detail.  These limited edition statues are highly collectible.

Product Dimensions:
Papa Nihil Rock Iconz:  9″ tall
Ghost (Stage Set) On Tour Series Collectible: 11.5″ height  x 14″ width x 5″ depth

Out of stock

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