Display Case (Lighted) White Background


This display case is featured with lighting and a white background to showcase your collectibles.

  • High Quality Clear Acrylic Display
  • Protect your Collectibles from Dust
  • Lighted Display to Beautifully Showcase your Rock Iconz Statues

Product Dimensions (See image with scale for more details)

Product Dimensions, including display case top/bottom:  15.75″ height x 7.78″ width  x 7.78″ depth

Interior Dimensions/Area where Collectible is Featured: 11.81″ height  x 7.78″ width x 7.78″ depth

Note: these cases are a good standard size that nicely displays most of the Rock Iconz collectibles; however, please note, not every piece that KnuckleBonz creates will fit in these display cases. Some base designs are too large to fit (for example, Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson). If you have any questions at all about whether your collectible of choice will fit, please contact us at support@knucklebonz.com. We can recommend other solutions if your item will not fit inside this particular display case.

Lighting: power cord outside of the case. No need to change batteries or reach inside the case itself to adjust the lighting.

KnuckleBonz Collectors: proudly show off your treasures in this lighted display case.




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