Display Case (Lighted)


This display case is featured with lighting to showcase your collectibles.

  • High Quality Clear Acrylic Display
  • Protect your Collectibles from Dust
  • Lighted Display to Beautifully Showcase your Rock Iconz Statues

Product Dimensions (See image with scale for more details)

Product Dimensions, including display case top/bottom:  15.75″ height x 7.78″ width  x 7.78″ depth

Interior Dimensions/Area where Collectible is Featured: 11.81″ height  x 7.78″ width x 7.78″ depth

Lighting: power cord outside of the case. No need to change batteries or reach inside the case itself to adjust the lighting.

KnuckleBonz Collectors: proudly show off your treasures in this lighted display case.




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