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Pantera and KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl

Looking into a new subject for the KnuckleBonz® 3D Vinyl® and have zeroed in on Pantera’s 1993 release “Far Beyond Driven”. The haunting facial image in Dean Karr’s cover creates a great design challenge. The real issue is how we might represent the Pantera logo which covers a large amount of the face and still represent the facial form as a whole. As you can see here in the post, the Far Beyond Driven cover combines a fearful expression with the brutal aggression of the huge drill bit in the cover model’s forehead. The image photo was polarized to give it signature blue tone and reversed color.  The final result is amazing and maybe the most unique cover for the Dallas Texas based band that featured the Abbott Brothers Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul along with bassist Rex Brown and front man Phillip Anselmo. Any final design will have multiple issues to address to create a collectible statue.

As most Pantera Superfans know, the Far Beyond Driven cover is actually a revised design. The original concept involved a Hustler magazine model and alternate placement of the massive drill bit. Will leave it to your imagination or you can check it out online. That original design was originally approved but the record label, but was pulled in favor of the final design after a closer look. Vinnie Paul was quoted to say about the original design, “fuck you. It’s metal. This is us. This is how we are.” However, commercial concerns won out, but as a result, we have an amazing cover image that is truly unique.

Stay tuned for new releases from KnuckleBonz from our 3D Vinyl, Road Iconz® and On Tour® Limited Edition Collectible statues.

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