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Where’s the Full Drum Kit for Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Rock Iconz®? Superfans Want to Know…

Where’s the Full Drum Kit for Metallica’s Lars Ulrich for Rock Iconz®? Superfans Want to Know…

Rock Iconz are  hand cast and detailed limited Edition Statues. A skilled artist casts, refines and paints every part by hand in cold cast resin and assembles them to create a finished fine arts collectible for  the Rock Iconz Collectible Series. The resin used for this process allows fine detail, but is not plastic.  A finished Rock Iconz is heavy and can weigh 5lbs and up with the themed statue base.

The simple answer to the question above is, for many reasons, it’s not practical to create a fully detailed drum kit for a 1/9th scale limited edition statue series using resin and hand casting. A full kit from the great bands like Metallica, RUSH, Motley Crue have dozens of individual parts like cymbal stands and drum legs that are simply too small and fragile to hand cast for a 3000 piece limited edition. A Rock Iconz with full kit and drum riser would weigh upwards on 10lbs and be saddled with many issues for assembly, packing and shipping safely to the superfans around the world. The final and perhaps biggest issue is $$ cost. A limited edition statue, with a detailed full touring rock show drum kit like Lars Ulrich’s from the Metallica “Wordwired Tour, would be easily 2 or 3 times the cost of any other band member in a Rock Iconz set. Everything we create is officially licensed and must be approved by the band and management. Hopefully you start to see the picture.

As superfans ourselves here at KnuckleBonz, we get it, and know why you would like to see a great drummer behind a sprawling drum kit in our Rock Iconz style. So would we. We pride ourselves on creating limited edition statues that capture a moment from live music history. We want Rock Iconz to grab the attention when your enter a room and see something we have created on display under the lights. Just like if you stepped inside an arena, or first saw the stage from the back of a music festival setting. While we never say never, the reality is, this process is just not realistic for a full kit to be created and shipped worldwide as a hand made limited edition statue.

We know our Rock Iconz Series is not for everyone, and it’s not meant to be. When one of our Rock Iconz Limited Editions closes out. Never more that 3000 superfans around the world participate. That’s cool with us and all the great bands and music artist we work with. Hope this helps…Rock Hard! Kbonz

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