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Metallica Lars Ulrich Custom Packing – Rock Iconz

Here’s a a couple of shots showing the custom packing for the Rock Iconz® Collector Series. Pictured here are the designs for  Metallica Lars Ulrich’s Rock Iconz Ltd. Edition Statue. These are designed and drop tested to keep the statue safe as it travels to Metallica Superfans around the globe. There’s actually (2) designs as the Metallica production was done in multiple locations across different teams over the course of 2020 to keep things moving during multiple work stoppages due to Covid-19.

Some of our collectors have contacted us to say they are missing parts like drum sticks,  drum legs and microphone for James Hetfield. In most cases, it was simply a matter of not knowing the parts are shipped separately to avoid breakage of these very small and fragile parts. These shots in our Blog show the location of all the separate pieces for the Lars Rock Iconz Statue in the internal packing. In the case of the microphone for James and sticks for Lars , they are painted black and tend to blend into the custom shaped slots in the black custom packing.

As always, if you have any issues with any KnuckleBonz products, contact your place of purchase and they will make sure you are happy with your collectible.

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  1. Chuffed mine arrived, and somehow sailed through customs without a hitch.

    Had two sets of Drum Legs with Lars, so indeed somebody might be missing em.

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