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Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead “Rust In Peace” in KnuckleBonz® 3D Vinyl Collectible

Super Fans rejoice with the addition of Megadeth Rust in Peace to the 3D Vinyl® Collectible Series from KnuckleBonz. The new collectible category was created for Super-Fans may not be into the statue and figure category KnuckleBonz has created over the past 17 years.

Not every great record album will yield something that a music fan might want in their display case or on their wall. It needs to have the right combination of images, photos or perspective. There is perhaps now better subject for 3D Vinyl than the thrash metal classic Megadeth’s “ Rust in Peace ” released in 1990. Megadeth’s mascot Vic Rattlehead, poses front in center in of the cover in what looks like“ Hanger 18. ” He looms over a cryogenically preserved alien pilot. An elite collection of world leaders from the early 90s are seated in attendance. The entire album cover is illuminated by a green crystal of unknown origin. What else would you need, right? This is a limited-edition collectible with only 1990 created for music super fans worldwide. All KnuckleBonz products are limited edition.

3D Vinyl™ Limited Edition Collectible Statues capture music fans most beloved album art in stunning 3D designs. All 3D Vinyl design are hand-cast and detailed in 12-inch X 12-inch format. This is just like the great album art that fans continue to enjoy. 3D Vinyl collectibles can be either displayed on the desktop using the included metal stand, or as a wall mount using the mounting hardware fitted on the back of each design.

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