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Megadeth “Rust in Peace” – The 3D Vinyl Format at It’s Finest

Rust in Peace was the fourth studio album from Megadeth and was released on September 24, 1990 on Capital Records. It’s been argued that this is the finest studio effort from Dave Mustaine. It was a collection of his best writing and featured what many consider to be the classic Megadeth line up of Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Nick Menza and Dave Ellefson.

As a subject for the 3D Vinyl series, it combines many elements that make it one of KnuckleBonz best productions. Vic Rattlehead alone makes almost any format a must see, but the combination with the Cryo-Chamber and alien carcass is amazing. Mix in a few world leaders in the background and it’s must see. Artist Ed Repka out did himself.

It’s amazing how all these songs are so relevant today. HOLY WARS!

3D Vinyl collectibles statues bring the great album art of the last 40 years and brings them to life in stunning 3D. Each is hand cast and can usually be mounted on the desk top of on the wall.

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