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KnuckleBonz Production Update “January 2021”

KnuckleBonz Production Update “January 2021”

Hi All,

As we mentioned on our last update in November, disruptions and delays continue at all international shipping ports due the Covid-19 impact. This is the only area that KnuckleBonz does not control in our process of creating the Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl® and On Tour™ Limited Edition Collectible Series. Our fantastic operations and customer service teams are on it every day to minimize this impact. Find below an update for each product…

GHOST – The Rock Iconz® Statues for GHOST Papa Nihil, GHOST Ghouls “White” and “Black” and On Tour Stage Set has finally cleared customs and are being checked in to our USA warehouse. We will be setting up to ship all pre-orders in the coming days. If you are a pre-order collector, check your email for shipping notification. Pre-orders are shipped in the order they were received.

Tony Iommi – Riff master Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath has also arrived at our USA warehouse and is being set up to ship out to pre-orders in the next few days. Keep an eye on your email for shipping notification if you are a pre-order customer.

AC/DC – The “For This about to Rock” AC/DC CANNON and the “On Tour” The Highway to Hell Road Case Road Cases are complete and in route to our US warehouse. We will update all of you when they hit the US ports.

Scorpions “Rock Iconz” – The Rock Iconz for Scorpions Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs are finished and on the way to our US warehouse. We hope to get notice of their arrival at the US ports in the next couple of weeks. If that happens, we are planning to ship to pre-orders in February if there are no more delays at customs.

Scorpions Blackout 3D Vinyl and ON Tour Road Case – Both of these are still in production. The current schedule has them both wrapping production in early February. They will then get on the way to us here to set up at our US warehouse to ship to pre-orders. Will have to keep you posted on this as we get shipping updates from ocean freight.

Bon Scott of AC/DC – Production has wrapped on former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott and he is in route to our US warehouse. We will give another update when it reached the US port on the way to our warehouse.

Metallica – Production on all (4) Metallica Rock Iconz Limited Edition Statues for James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Robert Trujillo is finished ahead of schedule and are all on in route to our USA warehouse. Will update again when they hit the US port. If we don’t see increased shipping disruptions, we hope to ship to pre-orders in February.

KiSS “On Tour” Sign and Roadcase – The “On Tour” road case finished production and is also in route to our US warehouse. Will update again when it hits the US ports.

Twisted Sister – Dee and Jay Jay are in still in production. Revisions are ongoing and we hope to complete production in February. Will update once production is complete and begins to make the trip to our US warehouse.

Randy Rhoads – Randy Rhoads 3 Rock Iconz Limited Edition Statue production is ahead of schedule and we hope to wrap up in February. Will update again when production is complete and is in final QA before packing and shipping to our US warehouse.

We are all very glad to get rid of that “damnable” 2020 and we have lots of new projects already underway to bring to you this year. Hopefully, they  will be accompanied by all of the great bands and artists getting back to live performance…

Rock Hard ! Kbonz

2 thoughts on “KnuckleBonz Production Update “January 2021”

  1. Thank you for all you do. Your customer service is every but as good as the amazing artwork you produce! Now that the new “Ghost” stuff is here I would like to request the rest of the Ghoul/Ghoulette band be produced so I can complete my collection. We need the drummer, the bassist and the two ghoulette keyboard players. Wouldn’t the one Ghoulette playing Keytar look awesome next to her bandmate on the synth? Anyway…thank you so much for everything you do to further my enjoyment of music and our rock icons!

    1. Thx Bryan…our customer service team is the best because they are SuperFans just like you. Lots more coming from GHOST…stay tuned.


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