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KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Production Update – Shipping on Planet Covid

KnuckleBonz® Rock Iconz® Production Update – Shipping on Planet Covid

Another update as production wraps up on many projects.

All the Ghost Rock Iconz and On Tour (Papa Nihil, Ghost Ghouls Guitar White/Black and the Ghost “A Pale Tour Named Death” Stage Set) projects have been completed and are going thru the final QA steps. The individual statues are being packed into shipping cases today in preparation for loading into  shipping containers for the trip to our US warehouse. Will keep you updated on this journey, it’s as treacherous as ever on planet Covid.

Tony Iommi Rock Iconz Limited Edition production wrapped last week and just finished a final paint tweak. It’s being packed in the custom EPE and color box today and will be ready to begin loading into shipping cartons tomorrow. Current schedule has it going into a shipping container and beginning trip to our USA warehouse early next week. If you are a pre-order customer, we will be emailing you specific updates on Iommi…thx for hanging with us.

Twister Sister Rock Iconz for Dee Snider and Jay Jay French are well into production, but looks like this products may ship to early next year to all the pre-order collectors. These statues are elaborate needed special attention on the makeup details. Stay tuned here for updates throughout the holiday season.

Scorpions Rock Iconz (Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs) are in final detailing and should be entering QA for final inspection next week.  We will do our best to communicate with pre-orders directly via email with updates in the coming days and weeks. Scorpions “Blackout” 3D Vinyl® and the On Tour Road Case productions are going well, but behind the Scorpions Rock Iconz Set, this project looks like a early 2021 ship. Stay tuned here to the KnuckleBonz Blog and other official social media for updates.

Metallica Rock Iconz Limited Edition Statues for James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Robert Trujillo are in paint and detailing as we write this blog. Demand for Metallica from KnuckleBonz is massive so need to emphasize orders are filled in the order we received them. Will be communication directly with all you Metallica pre-order Superfans in the coming weeks for updates.

ACDC Cannon and Highway to Hell Rock Iconz On Tour Collectibles are in final QA and awaiting the delivery of the color packaging from our print supplier. Once the color boxes are in, all QA will be complete and they will be packed for international shipping. Will keep you posted on these productions. Stay tuned to all your AC/DC Superfans. We have a killer pre-order for a new Rock Iconz Statue that will launch for pre-sales in the coming weeks.

Production on Bon Scott Rock Iconz Limited Edition Statue will be completed in the coming days. The production line has run smoothly 0n Bon Scott, former frontman of AC/DC. No major hiccups or delays. Packing will begin early next week in preparation to load into the container with other Fall 2020 projects.

Per the title of this Blog, creating the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz, 3D Vinyl and On Tour Series is more challenging than ever, as I am sure you can imagine. That said, we have actually navigated these crazy 2020 times fairly well thx to all the great music Superfans worldwide. The final stages of getting the products to our US warehouse are completely out of our control so we have done our best in this update to give you some since of what holiday shipping will look like for each product. The only promise we can make you is that we will keep all KnuckleBonz customers updated on any and all info that will impact the ship dates for your pre-orders.

Rock Hard! Kbonz…




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