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KnuckleBonz Production Update “Mid-November” 2020

Hi All,

Here’s the latest for Live KnuckleBonz “Pre-Order” projects. Most Pre-Order projects have wrapped production and are in the ocean shipping queue to come to our US warehouse.  As you can imagine with our Covid Planet, global shipping of all products is a bit slower and less predictable than it has ever been. As of the time of this note, we hope to be able to land the completed projects in the month of December, but we can’t provide specifics dates until the products clear both overseas ports and US Customs. We will be communicating via email to all pre-order customers with updated shipping information as soon as we have it.

Here’s a breakdown per current Pre-Order project….

GHOST – The Rock Iconz® statues and On Tour Set have loaded on the shipping container and is on the way to our US warehouse. Once it lands, orders will go out in the order they were received.

Tony Iommi – Riff master Tony Iommi has also left our production facility and is on the way to us here in the US.  Stay tuned to your email for specific ship dates as we get more information from US Customs.

Scorpions – The Scorpions Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs are finished and in the shipping cases waiting to ship to us here in the US. We will update pre-order customers again when this has begun the journey to our US warehouse.

Bon Scott – Bon Scott, former front man on AC/DC, Rock Iconz statue is also finished and waiting to be loaded into the ocean freight container to come to our US warehouse. More soon on Bon…

KiSS “On Tour” Sign and Roadcase – The “On Tour” road case and the KISS have completed production and are going through final Quality Control ahead of being placed in the color packaging. Will update on KISS again in the coming days.

AC/DC – The “On Tour” Road Cases and “For This about to Rock” Cannon, the Cannon is complete and is on the way to us in the US. The Highway to Hell Road Case production will finish next week. Will update on both projects when we have more specific information from the container ship and US Customs.

Twisted Sister – Dee and Jay Jay are in still in production. Some revisions are ongoing for details on both and these projects will slide to Q1 in 2021. Sorry, but this is just a by-product of doing hand crafted collectibles in the COVID-19 world. Can’t ship any Rock Iconz until they are the best they can be…stay tuned here for updates.

Metallica – The 1st lot of Metallica has finished and is in the shipping queue waiting to leave our overseas factory. We will be updated our pre-order customers on this shipment once we get more information from ocean freight and US customs. Metallica is not scheduled to ship until 2021, so we are actually slightly ahead on these Rock Iconz.

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your continued support in the crazy year of our lord 2020. We are hard at it every day making sure your KnuckleBonz Collectibles continue to be the best they can be…Hang in there, we will keep you posted via email with the latest info.

Rock Hard ! Kbonz

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