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KISS Dynasty Era – Amazing Costume Decadence

KISS® Dynasty Era – Amazing Costume Decadence

If you have an opportunity to speak with any of the original KISS lineup today about the Dynasty era, I think you might get Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter to agree; “this is where things went a bit too far.” However, these costumes and era continue to be a fav for the KISS Army today. Dynasty introduces color for the first time into the KISS stage costuming. Each band member sported a signature color that was unique to their stage-wear. Gene Simmon of course sported blood-red. His boot design was true high-art in the strictest monster-movie sense. Paul Stanley was oh so fashionable in pink; only Paul could pull that off and make it cool. Peter Criss, went for Catman-Green to play off his green eye shadow. “Space Ace”, Ace Frehley, was adorned in deep space blue. The result was the most elaborate look and stage show for the band to date. No small task. This would also be pretty much the last time the original band would put together a new look. Peter Criss would exit the band not long after this period. For our tastes here at KnuckleBonz, we really dig Dynasty, only the capes felt a bit much if we think back to being there in 1977, and we were…

As we wind down our KISS “Alive”  and KISS “Hotter Than Hell” era Rock Iconz® Limited Editions Statues, it’s time to start thinking about a new set. We covered most of the great eras of the band so only a few subjects remain for the early years of KISS. Still left to perhaps create would be the “End of the Road” look. We don’t even want to think about any “end”, given the state of the world in 2020. We think KISS should add some years on to “the end” given what we have all been thru this year…are you listening Gene and Paul?

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  1. Do not make the end of the road figures. Please give us remarkable detailed dynasty figures.

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