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KISS Alive II Rock Iconz Statues – “Working With Our Heroes”

On this day in 1977, KISS Fans were treated to their 2nd live concert recording KISS “Alive” II. This morning we are remembering our 1st opportunity to work with Gene, Paul and the entire KIS Army.

In 2015, KnuckleBonz 1st got the chance to work with some of their all time Rock Iconz Heroes KISS. We were minding our business here at the SF Bay area studios when a call came into the main “800” number wanting to speak with the proper people at KnuckleBonz about potential KISS products. We do get these kind of phone and email inquiries and always try to follow up, but often they are not calls that actually represent major acts like KISS. After some follow up, we found ourselves in the KISS management offices in West Hollywood and it was on! We would get to create KISS after over a dozen years focused on high end collectibles for music SuperFans worldwide. Believe it or not, that was the easy part. We now had to look at the entire expanse of the KISStory and decide what to create. One of the things we did at KISS fans, was look at what had “not” been done. A tough task, given the merch-machine that KISS has been since the mid-70s. What we concluded was the KISS Alive II costumes had perhaps been under represented. So we got to work on Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss designs. Peter’s design was the easiest as we knew that we wanted to represent “Beth” live. For the other designs we actually went to video of that era and looked for signature moments from the KISS Alive II show. Ace’s smoker guitar pose was a design winner and we also tuned into powerful live moments for Gene and Paul. The KnuckleBonz KISS Rock Iconz Alive II Limited Editions Statue set shipped at the end of 2015 and was quickly SOLD OUT to all the great members of the KISS Army around the world. We have now completed Rock Iconz Statues for both the KISS “Alive” and KISS “Hotter Than Hell” eras. Now What? Hit us up at email and let us know what KISS era you would like to create next for the “Hottest Band in the World” KISS !

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Rock Hard! Kbonz…

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