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KISS Alive Era Rock Iconz “On Tour” Collectible – “Riding the road cases”

KISS Alive Era Rock Iconz “On Tour” Collectible – “Riding the road cases” –

From the time I was about 9 years old, I was hanging out backstage at rock shows. I wasn’t there because my parents were that nutty, but because my father was involved in theater management. In these pre-teen years, it was a common practice for me to ride on top of the road cases when they were being pushed into the venue of the tour trucks. The stagehands were kind of like baby sisters. I knew all of them, they knew me, and I could pretty much do whatever as long as I did not get in the way or otherwise cause aggravation. Seeing these well-worn road cases with the band logos and various stickers was always a cool experience backstage before a concert. “If these things could talk, what stories they would have to tell.” This was the inspiration for the Rock Iconz “On Tour” Collector Series and the new KISS Alive Era Road Case. With our On Tour Series, we pick great moments from live touring for the biggest bands and create a limited edition collectible that you might have seen backstage at a KISS show in 1975. Our new On Tour release is from the original KISS lineup of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanly, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. The case holds the original KISS lighted-sign that hovered just about Peter’s kit as well as a 14-inch stage backdrop of the KISS live. It’s was the KISS Alive era that saw the band go from hardworking support act, to headliner and one of the world’s biggest acts. I was so fortunate to have been there, going to the shows, buying the vinyl, and buying the t-shirts…a glorious time in music.

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