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King Diamond Rock Iconz – From the Vault – “Oh It’s Halloween !!!

As we approach All Hallows Eve, thought we would share an image of the original Kind Diamond Rock Iconz® Statue design. All of us and KnuckleBonz® really dug this, but it was shelved in favor of the actual release using this pose and his signature lantern. As you probably know, the original King Diamond Rock Iconz Statue design has been SOLD OUT for many months. Soon to follow into SOLD OUT oblivion will be the King Diamond Mercyful Fate Era Rock Iconz Ltd Edition. King appears in a signature pose with his red cape on that one.

Planet Covid has put the Mercyful Fate reunion shows. We can only hope the pandemic has energized Mercyful Fate and the band will emerge full of darkness when live events resume.

“Oh It’s Halloween !!!
Every Night To Me Is Halloween
Like An Ancient Scene
You Know Just What I Mean….”

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Rock Hard! Kbonz

1 thought on “King Diamond Rock Iconz – From the Vault – “Oh It’s Halloween !!!

  1. Still bummed I missed out on these! Love the quote King made about leaving it next to where you sleep. Be cool if you guys could do some more or maybe I’ll find one second hand. Thanks for the great work! Stay heavy! \m/

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