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Iron Maiden “Killers” Album – 42 Years Since Paul Di’Anno

42 years ago today in the UK, Iron Maiden released KILLERS, there studio 2nd  album. This was the last recording with Paul Di’Anno and the first with guitarist Adrianne Smith. All Maiden albums are instant classics but this hold a special place for us here at KnuckleBonz for a couple of reasons. The first being, it has one of our all time Iron Maiden tracks WRATHCHILD ! The 2nd and most enduring reason, is the cover art by Derek Riggs sees Eddie take on the form that we know him today. The original cover for the debut album was created by the very same Derek Riggs before Maiden had come onto the scene, so it was only natural that he would reimagine him for KILLERS. There’s a cool art book out for all the Iron Maiden cover art called Run for Cover: The Art of Derek Riggs, do check that out.

KnuckleBonz® has created (2) Ltd. Edition Statues for our 3D Vinyl® for Iron Maiden Number of the Beast and Piece of Mind. Number of the Beast is shipping now. Piece of Mind just wrapped production and is on the way to our US warehouse to ship to pre-order Iron Maiden Superfans. Next up for us in our officially licensed work with Iron Maiden will be our take on KILLERS for a 3D statue design. Sculpting start next month for  Fall 2023 release. Stay Tuned here for updates.

Check out all the KnuckleBonz Iron Maiden Ltd. Edition Collectibles HERE.

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  1. bro that was my vary first cassette tape piece of mind. i was in jr high at the time i stated to listen to heavy metal ie metallica megadeth anthrax all the greats from the 80s howerver some were in time holds a special place it was my vary first metal concert that me and a friend went i payed for the for tickets nose bleed upper section McNicholes arens in Denver it has been demolesd and a parking lot put in its place. what a killer venue it was. and that was the first time i had ever seen the mens bathroom over crowded and i had to pee in the sink ..

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