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Great Photos Make Rock Iconz – Neil Zlozower’s Work w/ Eddie Van Halen

Great Photos Make Rock Iconz – Neil Zlozower’s Work w/ Eddie Van Halen…

From the earliest days of the great artists in music, what we call Rock Iconz® here at KnuckleBonz, the great photos often define our memories. This was before the fire-hose on content we have become accustomed to today. The album cover, posters and magazines were how we most often stayed close to the bands we loved. Since the very beginning of KnuckleBonz, 17 years ago, it’s been our pleasure to work with, and become friends with Neil Zlozower. From his base in Hollywood, CA, “Zloz” has been there to capture definitive moments in rock with the biggest bands since the 70s. His work with Motley Crue is the stuff of legend. The “blood shoot” are some of the most famous photos ever taken of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars from the Shout At The Devil era, but Zloz’s most heralded work might be his photos of Van Halen. He was there with Eddie Van Halen,  David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen at the start. Right, these are the days with the original white “Frankenstrat,” before their 1st national tour with Black Sabbath on their Never Die Tour.” I saw that tour and had my jaw jacked by the Van Halen opening set. My friends and I were their looking at each other with a WTF did we just see expression on all our faces when Van Halen left the stage. Will never forget it.

On our doorstep this AM was Zlowzower’s book featuring all his great pictures of the maestro Edward Van Halen. The book takes EVH all the way thru the original lineup’s career with great commentary by a who’s who in music. The forward of this book is written by SLASH of Guns N’ Roses, another long time subject and friend of Zloz. This hardback is a must have for any EVH or Van Halen fan. Check it out here at

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We have some big things in store this fall for music SuperFans around the world. Rock Hard! Kbonz

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