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Favorite Iron Maiden Album Cover? Maybe Not an Album Cover at All…

Iron Maiden fans have had their own community and fervor for the band since the early days in the UK before they were recording and touring. That commitment only grew when they began to release studio albums and we got our first glimpse of Eddie the Head. Since that time, every true Iron Maiden fan has a favorite album cover and can remember where they 1st saw the art, bought the record, and dropped the needle. The interesting thing here is two of Iron Maiden’s most popular versions of Eddie, and favs here at KnuckleBonz®, where not album covers at all…they were covers on singles.   “The Trooper” off Iron Maiden Piece of Mind 1983 and “Aces High” from Powerslave 1994 were released first as sleeves on these amazing single tracks, back when there where singles on Vinyl. We must admit, we never really bought singles so the first time we saw these iconic images was in the press and on tour merch going to the shows…so much to enjoy from Edward the Great and Iron Maiden. Drop the needle today!

Rock Hard!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Iron Maiden Album Cover? Maybe Not an Album Cover at All…

  1. Iron Maiden is more than one album, one song or one member. It’s a testament to staying true to roots and reinventing an original style for 40 years. Making one choice to represent decades of something that will span until the end of time, is impossible. So my suggestion… make an original Eddie Knucklebonz exclusive. Then of course make the “on tour” series of ALL members, Brave New World era(not because it was the best, but because it is the true Maiden line up together)… regardless of what you make, I’ll be buying it all… UP THE IRONS!!!

    1. Well said…Up the Irons indeed.

  2. I’ve been a fan since their debut album when I heard running Free on a bus going to high school and haven’t looked back since. I was fortunate enough to see them open for Priest at MSG (screaming 4 vengeance/ Number of the beast) and I’ve seen every tour that’s come through the Tri State area, including the Virtual XI Tour with DIO.
    I’m an old school guy who favors the bands earlier works but the artwork regardless of who did it was always insane.
    I’d have to go top 3 covers
    1: Killers
    2: A Matter of Life or Death
    3: Number of the Beast

    Everyone has their opinion but I hope that we can agree that Final Frontier was the worst cover.

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