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Metallica Rock Iconz® Package Design – 1st Look

Metallica Rock Iconz® Package Design – 1st Look

Hey All…if you are paying attention, here’s a sneak peak at our Metallica Rock Iconz Package Design. These color box designs are approved and in production now for our individual Metallica Rock Iconz Limited Edition Statues of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. The same effort goes into these package designs as the KnuckleBonz Collectible statues. They must of course be cool enough to display along with your Rock Iconz statues, but first, and most importantly they need to protect your investment. Each Rock Iconz package design goes thru approvals with the band and also must pass our stringent drop test…enjoy these “work-in-progress” images and #staytuned for KnuckleBonz & Metallica production updates.

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KISS Alive II Rock Iconz Statues – “Working With Our Heroes”

On this day in 1977, KISS Fans were treated to their 2nd live concert recording KISS “Alive” II. This morning we are remembering our 1st opportunity to work with Gene, Paul and the entire KIS Army.

In 2015, KnuckleBonz 1st got the chance to work with some of their all time Rock Iconz Heroes KISS. We were minding our business here at the SF Bay area studios when a call came into the main “800” number wanting to speak with the proper people at KnuckleBonz about potential KISS products. We do get these kind of phone and email inquiries and always try to follow up, but often they are not calls that actually represent major acts like KISS. After some follow up, we found ourselves in the KISS management offices in West Hollywood and it was on! We would get to create KISS after over a dozen years focused on high end collectibles for music SuperFans worldwide. Believe it or not, that was the easy part. We now had to look at the entire expanse of the KISStory and decide what to create. One of the things we did at KISS fans, was look at what had “not” been done. A tough task, given the merch-machine that KISS has been since the mid-70s. What we concluded was the KISS Alive II costumes had perhaps been under represented. So we got to work on Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss designs. Peter’s design was the easiest as we knew that we wanted to represent “Beth” live. For the other designs we actually went to video of that era and looked for signature moments from the KISS Alive II show. Ace’s smoker guitar pose was a design winner and we also tuned into powerful live moments for Gene and Paul. The KnuckleBonz KISS Rock Iconz Alive II Limited Editions Statue set shipped at the end of 2015 and was quickly SOLD OUT to all the great members of the KISS Army around the world. We have now completed Rock Iconz Statues for both the KISS “Alive” and KISS “Hotter Than Hell” eras. Now What? Hit us up at email and let us know what KISS era you would like to create next for the “Hottest Band in the World” KISS !

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Rock Hard! Kbonz…

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KnuckleBonz Production Update “Rocktober” 2020 – Rock Iconz

KnuckleBonz Production Update “Rocktober” 2020 – Rock Iconz

Hi All,

Here’s a quick production update for Live KnuckleBonz projects. All projects currently remain on schedule for their respective ship windows. However, navigating all the things needed to bring the Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl® and ON Tour series to you is more challenging than ever in the world we have today. We just turned the calendar on the Fall season in our hemisphere Fall runs till Dec 22nd.

We are still tracking to ship out “Pre-Orders” to customers late Fall, in the mid-December timeframe. This is of course subject to getting the products through US Customs and to our warehouse and without any delays. Unfortunately, we have no control over that process. We will give you updates over the coming weeks.

GHOST – The Rock Iconz® statues and On Tour Set are in the final stages of detailing. Papa Nihil, the Ghoul Guitarists and the Stage Set and now being fitted with the custom packing to help keep the statues safe on their way to you.  Papa Nihil is one of our more elaborate productions in some time with all the detailing needed in both his robe and the makeup.

Tony Iommi – Riff master Tony Iommi has completed is in the final stages of paint on the figure. Production on his guitar is complete and will be added to the figure to set up for packing in the coming week. The statue base is also complete and going through the hand numbering process now. We think Sabbath and Iommi fans will dig the DOOM this Rock Iconz statue evokes.

Scorpions – The Scorpions Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs are in the final stages of statue casting. These elements are going thru touch up and being primed to begin final painting. We will be shooting a new Live video of these Rock Iconz this month that will take you back to 1989 and the Moscow Music Festival that inspired these designs. The “Blackout” 3D Vinyl and On Tour road case has begun painting and is scheduled to wrap up production along with the Scorpions Rock Iconz set.

Bon Scott – Bon Scott, former front man on AC/DC, Rock Iconz statue has begun final painting and has been fitted with the custom shipping packing. The package design is approved and will be going to print shortly. AC/DC fans have been energized with the announcement of their new recording. All of us here are very excited here to have the opportunity to bring you Bon Scott in the Rock Iconz Series.

KiSS “On Tour” Sign and Roadcase – The “On Tour” road case and the KISS sign are in the final stages of color production. We have been back and forth on our approvals for the package design, but happy to report we just got the final OK from Gene and Paul. All systems are go to set up for final packing ahead of loading into cartons to begin shipping to our US warehouse. This is going to be a great addition to any collection that has our KISS Alive and “Hotter Than Hell” Rock Iconz.

AC/DC – The “On Tour” Road Cases and “For This about to Rock” Cannon have completed most of the painting and are going through final detailing steps. After this, each statue gets in line for certificate printing and hand numbering ahead of being placed in the color boxes in preparation for shipping. Will be shooting some new live video of these limited editions in the coming days.

Twisted Sister – Dee and Jay Jay are in the color stages and moving through that process. Painting is going well, but these statues are very time consuming. Doing our best to get the subtlety of the Twister Sister makeup just right. As most of you will know, the portrait of our Rock Iconz is only about the size of thumbnail.

Metallica – All statues are well into casting and will soon begin the process of refining each part in preparation for paint priming. After a quick QA, painting will begin. The individual box designs were recently completed and approved by Metallica HQ. Those are in the queue to got to print in the coming days.

Thanks to all for your continued support for KnuckleBonz…we turned 17 years old in 2020.  We have stayed full throttle during the lock down and have lots of new stuff to announce to you between now and the end of 2020. #staytuned

Rock Hard ! Kbonz

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QUEEN’s News of the World Robot – “A Gulf Between” KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl

QUEEN’s News of the World Robot – “A Gulf Between” KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl®

In October of 1977, QUEEN would make a departure from the imagery usually associated with their album covers and release one of their most iconic recordings, “New of the Word.” The previous studio albums had seen various images of the band members Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon or artist interpretations of the QUEEN crest. News of the World was totally different using the robotic behemoth inspired by Roger Taylor’s sc-fi fascination. This album would go 4× platinum in the United States and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. It remains one of the QUEEN’s best-selling studio albums. Its lead single, “We Are the Champions“, reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and number four on the Billboard Hot 100. The robot “Frank,” as we now know him, has gone on to be one of the most iconic 70s rock cover boys and is a prime subject for KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Collector Series. #staytuned.

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Happy Birthday to Rock Iconz AC/DC Brian Johnson

Happy Birthday to Rock Iconz AC/DC Brian Johnson

Born on this day in Dunston, England: Brian Johnson, began as lead singer with the band Geordie, before he  joined AC/DC in 1980, after the death of Bon Scott. Brian first appearing on the AC/DC 1980 masterpiece Back In Black, which has now sold an estimated 50m copies worldwide. Johnson‘s first group was called Gobi Desert Canoe Club. Bon Scott had first seen Johnson singing onstage, which included Brian screaming at the top of his voice, rolling around on the stage, and finally being carried off. Scott didn’t know that Johnson was then taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with appendicitis. Little did he know he would replace him in AC/DC.

AC/DC fans can’t wait to hear Angus Young, Brian John, Cliff Williams and Phill Rudd on the upcoming AC/DC album PWRUP. The official release is set for Wednesday.

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The Cutting Room Floor – Our Metallica Rock Iconz

In case you missed it, we launched our new Metallica Rock Iconz® set last week with designs of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. It’s always and exciting time around here for a product launch. The same efforts that go into every hand-cast and detailed KnuckleBonz® Limited Edition collectibles. However, this one felt a little different. It might simply be the unearthly dark purple and orange glow of the sky as the wild fires rage and the ashes fall around  our San Francisco (East Bay) studios. We also had so much launch content with releases of all (4) statues at once, we had to leave a lot of killer pictures and video on the cutting room floor. Don’t worry, we will be sharing some of it with you as production goes on the rest of this year.

Stay tuned here for Metallica Rock Iconz production updates and all the upcoming launches for KnuckleBonz Collectibles. We’ve been busy during the lock down, and can’t wait to share all our new work.

Check out all the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz, 3D Vinyl® and On Tour Collectibles at

Rock Hard! Kbonz

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KnuckleBonz and Pantera Labor Day Giveaway – “Vulgar Display of Power 3D Vinyl”

KnuckleBonz and Pantera Labor Day Giveaway - "Vulgar Display of Power 3D Vinyl"

KnuckleBonz® and Pantera have gotten together to bring music Superfans a cool Labor Day Giveaway of our “Vulgar Display of Power” 3D Vinyl® Limited Edition Collectible.

All you need to do to enter is:

*Follow @Knucklebonz and @Pantera and leave a comment on our post

*Winner will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday September 8th

The KnuckleBonz 3D Vinyl Collector Series brings the great album art to life in a 3D collectible statue that can be either shelf or wall mounted. Each 3D Vinyl is hand cast and detailed and comes with a hand numbered certificate on the back of the statue. Only 1992 of this stunning album are being created.

Not every great album is a fitting subject for the 3D Vinyl Series. Such is NOT the case for Pantera’s classic “Vulgar Display of Power”. The brutal action of the cover photo and grayscale treatment are the perfect storm for what’s makes 3D Vinyl such a unique series for music Superfans.

Check our Pantera Vulgar Display of Power 3D Vinyl and all the KnuckleBonz Collectors Series at

Don’t Forget to Enter…Good Luck!

Rock Hard…Kbonz



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Where’s the Full Drum Kit for Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Rock Iconz®? Superfans Want to Know…

Where’s the Full Drum Kit for Metallica’s Lars Ulrich for Rock Iconz®? Superfans Want to Know…

Rock Iconz are  hand cast and detailed limited Edition Statues. A skilled artist casts, refines and paints every part by hand in cold cast resin and assembles them to create a finished fine arts collectible for  the Rock Iconz Collectible Series. The resin used for this process allows fine detail, but is not plastic.  A finished Rock Iconz is heavy and can weigh 5lbs and up with the themed statue base.

The simple answer to the question above is, for many reasons, it’s not practical to create a fully detailed drum kit for a 1/9th scale limited edition statue series using resin and hand casting. A full kit from the great bands like Metallica, RUSH, Motley Crue have dozens of individual parts like cymbal stands and drum legs that are simply too small and fragile to hand cast for a 3000 piece limited edition. A Rock Iconz with full kit and drum riser would weigh upwards on 10lbs and be saddled with many issues for assembly, packing and shipping safely to the superfans around the world. The final and perhaps biggest issue is $$ cost. A limited edition statue, with a detailed full touring rock show drum kit like Lars Ulrich’s from the Metallica “Wordwired Tour, would be easily 2 or 3 times the cost of any other band member in a Rock Iconz set. Everything we create is officially licensed and must be approved by the band and management. Hopefully you start to see the picture.

As superfans ourselves here at KnuckleBonz, we get it, and know why you would like to see a great drummer behind a sprawling drum kit in our Rock Iconz style. So would we. We pride ourselves on creating limited edition statues that capture a moment from live music history. We want Rock Iconz to grab the attention when your enter a room and see something we have created on display under the lights. Just like if you stepped inside an arena, or first saw the stage from the back of a music festival setting. While we never say never, the reality is, this process is just not realistic for a full kit to be created and shipped worldwide as a hand made limited edition statue.

We know our Rock Iconz Series is not for everyone, and it’s not meant to be. When one of our Rock Iconz Limited Editions closes out. Never more that 3000 superfans around the world participate. That’s cool with us and all the great bands and music artist we work with. Hope this helps…Rock Hard! Kbonz

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Ghost Nameless Ghouls – Guitar Crunch for the Rock Iconz Collectibles Series

Ghost Nameless Ghouls – Guitar Crunch for the Rock Iconz Collectibles Series

The Nameless Ghouls are the live performance band for Ghost. On the “A Pale Tour Named Death” tour, seven Ghouls patrolled the stage with Cardinal Copia bringing the Ghost heaviness around the world. While the Ghouls are virtually identical, the guitar crunch fueled by the White and Black Ghoul guitarists is undeniable. Ghost’s sound defies genres, calling on what fans recognize as hard rock, heavy, metal, doom, pop and progressive rock. With the promotion of Cardinal Copia, the new era of Papa Emeritus IV begins. The path forward is unclear during a time of pandemic and global strife.

Check out out Ghost Rock Iconz collectibles here

Each KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz® Limited Edition is hand-crafted. Never more than 3000 pieces are cast for super-fans worldwide. All Rock Iconz statues are officially licensed, limited edition collectibles. This is a fine-arts production process where each statue is hand-cast, painted and numbered. Rock Iconz are created in 1/9 scale making them 8 to 9 inches tall. Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base of the statue.
Rock Hard!

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Metallica statues will be created by KnuckleBonz, makers of the Rock Iconz® Collectible Ceries  

The Metallica Rock Iconz Collectible Statues

Metallica statues will be created by KnuckleBonz, makers of the Rock Iconz® Collectible Series

Hand-crafted collectible statues will be created featuring James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich,
Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo statues from the “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” era.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE >> August 31, 2020: KnuckleBonz® announces its plans to create a limited-edition Metallica set of collectible statues. Rock Iconz statues of James, Lars, Kirk and Robert will be created featuring iconic approximately 8.5” tall. These are limited edition statues; only 3000 each are created, making these highly collectible.

“We are so pleased and honored to be working with Metallica on these new limited-edition collectibles for our series,” says Tony Simerman, CEO/Creative Director of KnuckleBonz, Inc. “We hope to create something that represents every era for Metallica from today back to the advent of Thrash.”

All work created by the company is officially licensed and approved by the artists and their management. KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz® music collectible series, has been developing iconic, high-quality statues of the legend of rock music since 2003.

The Metallica Rock Iconz statues sell for $149 each (for each individual statue) or can be purchased as a set (bundle of all 4 statues). Each statue ships in a custom package and ships worldwide. These highly exclusive, limited edition collectibles are now available for pre-order to reserve. The anticipated ship date is early 2021; however, KnuckleBonz will announce a more precise shipping timeframe later this year. Stay tuned to and in the coming weeks for updates.