Limited Time to Buy at $125…. Price Increase in March

Hi All, 2018 will be another behemoth year for KnuckleBonz with even more new products to be announced.  Along with these new additions to our Rock Iconz™ series, there will be a price increase, our first in almost a decade. This is needed to allow us to continue to deliver the same great official licenses … Continue reading “Limited Time to Buy at $125…. Price Increase in March”

Rock Iconz Production Update January 2018

Hi All, A quick production update for Live KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz projects King Diamond – Production is wrapping up next week and the King Diamond Rock Iconz™ Limited Edition Statue will begin the trip to our US warehouse. Looks like and end of February or early March ship. King Diamond has signed all the special … Continue reading “Rock Iconz Production Update January 2018”

Shipping Updates

These products will be shipping mid-November:   Lemmy (Motorhead) Rock Iconz Statue Warpig (Motorhead) Rock Iconz Statue Syd Barrett Rock Iconz Statue Alice Cooper I Rock Iconz Statue Alice Cooper II Rock Iconz Statue KISS (Alive!) Rock Iconz Statues KISS (Hotter Than Hell) Rock Iconz Statue Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) Rock Iconz Statue Vic Rattlehead ‘Peace Sells’ (Megadeth) Rock Iconz Statue We … Continue reading “Shipping Updates”

KnuckleBonz® Rock Iconz™ Production Update

Early November Ship Date:  Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Motorhead, Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd and KISS are all scheduled to ship in early November 2017 from our USA warehouse.   To all our customers who pre-ordered this spring and summer 2017:  First of all, thx for your support of our work as we near our 15th year. … Continue reading “KnuckleBonz® Rock Iconz™ Production Update”

It’s Thrash Week at KnuckleBonz! Megadeth

 Rolling out our Megadeth Rock Iconz(R) Limited Edition statues for Dave Mustaine with his Angel of Deth Guitar. It’s a timeless image of Dave in a signature military top and the black and yellow radiation logo. Our 2nd design brings the Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying? album cover art to life. Vic Rattlehead is hunched … Continue reading “It’s Thrash Week at KnuckleBonz! Megadeth”