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BEWARE of Scamming – Fake KnuckleBonz Products and Ads

It’s recently come to our attention that there are some companies outside the USA advertising fake KnuckleBonz® products. In most cases, they are taking images from our website and advertising sales for our Rock Iconz® Limited Edition product line. These companies have no access to our products and in all cases they either ship a counterfeit product or nothing at all…. SCAMMING at it’s worst.

If you ever have a question about an AD or a website selling our products, you can always contact us by phone at 800.638.4180 or via email at We can verify any company in the world as an authorized reseller. All our products are officially licensed with tightly controlled sales channels.

You can also of course buy directly from us at We ship anywhere in the world.

Rock Hard! Don’t Get Scammed…

1 thought on “BEWARE of Scamming – Fake KnuckleBonz Products and Ads

  1. Or websites knowingly selling damaged items as new (albeit at heavilly reduced prices). Bought the Appetite For Destruction 3d Vinyl from another place for half price, thinking I’d gotten the bargain of the century, but it arrived in a busted up condition. Managed to wrangle some more money off, and glued as best I could the bits that had broken off, which is still better than nothing I suppose.

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