PRE-ORDERING: Customers can pre-order a figure before it is available for shipping. Pre-ordering can guarantee that you reserve one of the limited edition sculptures in advance. To pre-order, the customer orders the product through the shopping cart as normal, but the credit card information obtained for reserving a pre-ordered product will not be charged until the item ships.

If you order using a credit card (VISA/MC) we will not charge your card until the items ships. Please note, however, if you are pre-ordering using a PayPal account, they handle the transaction differently and we here at KnuckleBonz can not alter when that charge happens. So please note that if you order using your PayPal account, your order will be processed immediately but your statue will ship when it is available. Important note: to make sure your order only gets charged when it ships, please use a VISA or MC to pre-order.

Important Note: Your credit card company may hold funds for a temporary timeframe as a normal part of the credit card verification. Typically, this timeframe ranges from 5-30 days (depending on your bank or credit card companies policies); however, the funds are NOT transferred to KnuckleBonz, Inc. until the product ships. KnuckleBonz does not charge for products until they are available to ship.

ORDERING: Once the product becomes available for shipping, customers can order the figures through our shopping cart. Credit cards will be charged when the product is shipped.